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National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant



Update: The ballot for winning tickets to this event will take place on Ticketek.

The ballot will be open from Friday 29th October at 10am to Sunday 31st October at 10pm.

The public can register at any time during this period (there is no need to rush as it is only a registration process).

Now is a great time to make sure you have a myticketek account


The 2021 National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant is GO for Saturday 13th November 

Steven Marshall Premier has just announced that for the second consecutive year the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant will be held at Adelaide Oval, as the traditional Pageant format which sees up to 300,000 people line the city streets is simply not possible given the ongoing risks associated with Covid 19.

Details will follow however the Premier has told our city that a  ballot ticket system for free tickets will be on the cards via Ticketek.

Will the event be a twilight event again? Or more traditionally in the child friendly time slot of the morning? National Pharmacies CEO Vito Borello says additional details will all be revealed in the coming weeks and details re capacity restrictions are still unknown to us.

We know that last years event was different but brilliant, however understand that many Adelaide families will feel disappointed to hear this (perhaps somewhat expected) news today.


Making the Pageant Special from Home
While the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant is going to be quite different from the traditional Pageant that we know and love, there is still some exciting ways to keep Pageant Day traditions alive from home this year before watching this historic moment live on Channel 9.

Put up your Christmas tree – If you usually put your tree up when you get home from the pageant why not put it up while watching the pageant
Chalk drawings on your driveway -Grab the chalk and fill your driveway with the drawings you’d usually do on the pageant road
Christmas Cooking – Enjoy some family time baking some Christmas goodies together
Dress up in your best Christmas Costume – Pull out your costumes and get dressed up in your best Christmas outfits
Blue honour line – Setup your own blue honour line at home to view the pageant from

Make sure you tag your pictures and videos from your Pageant at Home activities by using the hashtag #pageantathome #nppageant @christmaspageant

A COVID-safe crowd of a capacity to be decided will be able to attend the theatre production style event with it also likely to again be broadcast live on Nine and 9Now for those who can’t be there on the day.

What’s KiA’s take on it? In the current challenging Covid environment, we truly are lucky to be in a position to plan an event of this magnitude at all. While last years twilight parade was exceptional, it was late for young kids and just not the same. Still, we are lucky and would like to thank SA Health, our State Government, The City of Adelaide, National Pharmacies, SA Tourist Commission and the good souls from Stardust Castle for their outstanding and tireless efforts to deliver us this years 89th Christmas Pageant.

Lets hope we can do the 90th in a more traditional style.