If you live close by or are heading to Adelaide’s Costco then this a good playground to head to before or after shopping. Or a great place for a group picnic where you can grab some food from Costco and meet up for an afternoon play and snack! There is nothing modern or outstanding with the equipment but a nice little play space set amongst some lovely trees with lots of open space for kids to run around. Lets face it – kids just love a playground and something new is always worth a look. The playground is suitable for toddler and early primary school. It features a swing set including toddler swing, a small curly slippery dip and quite a few climbing challenges.

The climbing obstacles include a rope chain, circular monkey bars to either climb through or the little ones can try and hang from them. You will also find lots of stairs with a few tunnels to join everything together. What playground would not be complete without a firemans pole to slide down?! Amongst the play space the kids will find a few games to play as well as some smaller tunnel spaces for the little ones to explore.

John Watkins Reserve has lots of grass to run around on, includes a basketball ring for the bigger kids and also has a dog park. It features some fitness equipment and has a lovely picnic table area with shade.

The park is not fenced but is set quite far from the main road, it has no toilets and no shade covering the play equipment. It has parking and I would suggest grabbing something to eat or drink from the supermarket next door if needed. Good spot for a quick play.

John Watkins Reserve is on Churchill Road, Kilburn. Just North of Costco (behind Dreamland)