Find it at: Military Road, Henley Beach

A lovely little fenced off local toddler playground nestled in the beach side suburb of Henley Beach. This playground has nice modern equipment including lots of climbing steps , a tunnel for the kids to crawl through , a groovy little slippery dip, some bouncy animal pieces and a swing set.

Our favourites would be the little merry go round along with the trampoline in the ground ( its pretty cool). Don’t worry it has lots of squishy protection around the outside just in case the kids bounce off . The park is surrounded by a lovely grass area and has lots of trees for the kids to play amongst.

Centred in the middle of the reserve is a picnic table with shelter but unfortunately this park doesn’t have a BBQ,toilets or shade.

In need of food or coffee? There are lots of options in Henley Beach with either a stop at Henley Sq beforehand or Yankee Café or Dulwich Bakery are both on Henley Beach Road and not far from the reserve.

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  • This seaside playground/reserve is a great little haven to have the best of both worlds. A day at beautiful Somerton Beach playing in the sand and sea followed by a walk across the road to the park and playground. The playground is fully fenced off with a variety of play equipment for a few ages. It has 2 slippery dips (one for the toddlers and one for the bigger kids) a swing set with a baby swing, a climbing ropes area and a few other pieces to bounce around and play on. There is also a shade sail over the equipment. Outside the fenced play area there is plenty of grassed area to run around, a basketball ring to shoot a few hoops and fitness equipment for those that a keen on staying fit. BBQs, picnic tables, and toilets are also available. This park has a lovely back drop overlooking Somerton beach. A perfect spot to have it all. Fantastic spot to have day at the beach with all these facilities to utilise across the road. It even has a WIFI area in the top left had corner of the park. Certainly, keeping up with the times. Unfortunately, there are…

  • Find it at: Basham Parade, Port Elliot What is lacks in equipment it more than makes up for with oceanside scenery! Commodore Reserve is located at one end of Horseshoe Bay. It's a long grassy spot that's perfect for a picnic, ball games and it's long narrow shape is IDEAL for a game of beach cricket. Image Credit: Image Credit: There's also a giant nest swing that kids will love. Lots of parking available and BBQ and toilets on site. It's a great spot to spend an arvo Oh and don't forget the delicious Pt Elliot Bakery is just up the road.