Family Friendly Camps on the Eyre Peninsula.

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Roam Sweet Roam are a family traveling Australia with our 3 year old son Banjo, looking to expand our minds and explore our amazing country. After 3 magical months in South Australia, here are our top three tips and pics for family friendly camping on the Eyre Peninsula.

#3 Lipson Cove

Driving into Lipson Cove is a photographers dream, and for $10/ night, this is an eye popping camp site.

Just 24km out of Tumby Bay, this gem of a beach has white sand, crystal clear water and a bird rookery, on the island that makes up the cove. An unforgettable spot for fishing snorkelling and canoeing ???? in the calm waters.

Lipson Cove, not far from Tumby Bay

#2 Yangie Bay at Coffin Bay National Park

Coffin Bay National Park is a pristine corner of the world.
For $12/night, we stayed at the Yangie Bay campground looking over shallow Little Yangie Bay. This is a great base camp for 4wd day trips and a short drive from the postcard village of Coffin Bay.
Whilst there we enjoyed walks on beautiful Almonta Beach, where Banjo played with a curious sealion pup frolicking in the shallows.

From our campsite we launched our canoe and were mesmerised by the protected sea life in the bay including schools of fingerling whitting, shellfish as well as peaceful Banjo Sharks and graceful Eagle Rays which let us get within a few feet before soaking us as they exploded off into the water.

#1 Fisherman’s Point at Lincoln National Park

Our number one camp site on the Eyre is at Fisherman’s Point in the Lincoln National Park, for just $12 / night, set amongst shady gums looking over the turquoise water of Bluefin Bay.
This site is easily accessed by 2wd, with the beach right at your fingertips.
While camped here we saw incredible sea life, including rays, dolphins and white bellied sea eagles, we raked for crabs and dug for pipi’s which was fun and delicious.
We made so many magical memories, wading and snorkelling in the calm water, beach-combing and cooking meals over a camp fire.
What a slice of heaven that will be hard for any other place in Australia to top!

Fisherman’s Point, Lincoln National Park

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