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The Kiosk at Bonython Park Playground has re-opened and it is insanely good!

You could literally spend a day here! Offering shelter and a range of seating within eyball distance of the playground, there’s so much happening at this on trend new little space. Better still, it’s GOOD. Good food, good coffee and a heap of good initiatives for kids, birthdays, high teas, events (like Fathersday for example) all of it. They have really thought of every thing and packed it in to one *quality* upgraded huge kiosk space….

Kids want to decorate cup cakes in the school holidays? Cafe Bonython. Kids want an epic milkshake or babycchino? Cafe Bonython. Need somewehere to take Nan for a high tea, but she likes a table cloth because #NannasAreOldSchool? Book Cafe Bonython. Want to order a birthday cake, wedding cake, christening cake? Hit up the talented folks at Cafe Bonython. Need a hot coffee and the kids to run off some energy? You guessed it – this place! It is ALL here. We are so impressed.

It’s a no brainer really. Put good food and coffee at a playground in a comfy setting? It’s kind of like being the florist at a cemetary…..those are owner Carolyns words and man it made me laugh, because we love a truth bomb.

Open seven days a week for exceptional breakfast and lunch – watch this little place absolutley rocket into spring and summer with even more exciting plans in the pipeline.

Enter from Port Road…..walk accross the oval and find them directly adjacent state of the art Bonython Park Playground. Loved for its hampster wheel, story book trail, nature play, swings, merry go-round and epic double flying fox.

There are ducks to feed (and yep, you can buy duck food here – also a treat for your dog.) There’s often remote controlled boat racing to watch, the police horses are near by, the occasional plane over head for the aviation lovers, a train bridge off in the distance and the SAPOL Road Safety Centre for riding bikes and scooters on a mock road way. Take our money……. hang on, this whole precinct is free….just some coins for a cup cake, coffee and top nosh then!

FIVE SOLID STARS from the Kids in Adelaide Crew.

Find them at Bonython Park, Port Road, Adelaide

Follow them on Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE

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