We all already know that Bonython Park is AWESOME – between the playground & the newly re-opened Café Bonython, we honestly thought it couldn’t get any better. But lo & behold, it does get better! Introducing the Bunyip Trail! It’s a Children’s Trail that you can access by heading west along the river from the playground & follows the story of The Bunyip of Berkeley’s Creek with interactive storyboards & activities for the kids to do along the way.

The Trail officially starts on the eastern side of the footbridge beside the small weir & is a 500m return trail. Walking SA suggests it will take around 1hr, but that will definitely depend on the speed of your kids! The track is pram friendly but can be bumpy in parts, so go with care. We suggest downloading the Activity Booklet from the Walking SA website before you leave home to get the most out of the trail. The storyboards also include QR codes if you don’t want to worry about printing the booklet. If you’re not familiar with the book, The Bunyip Of Berkeley’s Creek, have a look below.

The trail has been left in its natural state as much as possible, so the interactive activity boards encourage discussions about nature – your kids will be encouraged to look for insects, compare different types of trees, look for litter on the ground & think about the types of animals that might live nearby. Once you get to the end of the trail, turn around & retrace your steps to get back to the start. You’ll be treated to gorgeous riverside views of the River Torrens there & back.

For more detailed maps & information, we suggest checking out the Walking SA website. Just be aware that the trail is closed between May & August due to flooding risk – take care on any rainy days outside of these months too! Once you have completed the trail, we suggest heading back to Café Bonython for a well earned treat! Oh and don’t worry – this Bunyip Trail has nothing to do with the slightly more terrifying Bunyip at Murray Bridge!!

The Bunyip Children’s Trail
Bonython Park, along the River Torren.
Access from Gate 4, off Port Road

More info: Walking SA website