Nestled in the back streets of leafy Belair is this absolute beauty. It doesn’t quite have every fancy park feature (looking at you toilets, fencing and BBQs) but if you judge a playground on how much the kids complain when you tell them its time to go, then this is an absolute winner.

The highlight is a ripper flying fox (you know we love our flying foxes), which has been expertly tested by our professional flying fox tester Tim and his testing team. An added bonus for the adults who love to join in on some flying fox fun, your bum won’t drag on the bark as you fly down the wire. This may seem an odd feature to review, but after having to review bark from our rear end more times than we can remember, this was actually a really good bonus. 

A nature style set up with lots of lovely wood and climbing apparatus, a slide, swings and the round big circle swing (there has to be a proper name for this…all the playgrounds have them!) this will satisfy ninjas of all ages. The lack of a toilet is a bit of a bummer, but with a huge lovely grassed area and enough shade from the massive trees, its only a minor inconvenience but best to plan ahead if you can. The streets are quiet (don’t think we saw a car in 45 minutes!) too so don’t stress too much with the lack of fencing either.