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A beautiful little spot that is amongst suburbia but will make you feel like you are a million miles away from anyone. We were lucky enough to visit on a sensational sunny Sunday and it was such a relaxing visit. With huge trees (I want to say gum trees but with zero confidence in my tree identifying ability), heaps of grass to run around on, seated shaded area and easy on street parking on the nearby back street. No toilets, but lets just say there are a lot of trees and not many people nearby as Mr 6 tried to explain to me.

The playground caters for toddlers with a nice little toddler area and then the older kids have a good sized climbing set up, with some swings also nearby. This is certainly a ‘less is more’ playground with just enough to keep the kids happy but the relaxing environment more than makes up for it.

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  • In the heart of Woodcroft Farm, this spot has lots of natural shade and if you enjoy a hit of tennis, then you are more than covered here! The playground could probably do with an equipment upgrade or so (it certainly has the space and it really would make it a fantastic attraction) but as it is, for the locals it is a nice destination for a walk and for the kids to have a run around. Seated shelter and plenty of parking, but no toilets or BBQ sadly for this one. More for the toddlers and young kids this one, with a couple of slides and swings pretty much covering all this one has to offer equipment wise. Personally, it is just a lovely relaxing spot and if you live nearby it is worth a look.

  • Nestled in the back streets of leafy Belair is this absolute beauty. It doesn’t quite have every fancy park feature (looking at you toilets, fencing and BBQs) but if you judge a playground on how much the kids complain when you tell them its time to go, then this is an absolute winner. The highlight is a ripper flying fox (you know we love our flying foxes), which has been expertly tested by our professional flying fox tester Tim and his testing team. An added bonus for the adults who love to join in on some flying fox fun, your bum won’t drag on the bark as you fly down the wire. This may seem an odd feature to review, but after having to review bark from our rear end more times than we can remember, this was actually a really good bonus.  A nature style set up with lots of lovely wood and climbing apparatus, a slide, swings and the round big circle swing (there has to be a proper name for this…all the playgrounds have them!) this will satisfy ninjas of all ages. The lack of a toilet is a bit of a bummer, but with a huge…

  • On the corner of Rogers Terrace and Robert St in Maitland there is a great combination playground. It boasts both the typical metal/plastic style playground with a large wooden climbing section. There is a spinning ride (although beware after rain as it fills with water), swings, a big slide, a digger and climbing equipment. It is surrounded by fence for most of the playground with just a small gap for entering (not secure). It has a car park, shaded seating, a free bbq, a double cricket pitch and it's just a short walk to nearby toilets.Fun for the whole family!

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