Where: Ash Avenue, Unley

What an absolute beauty this place is! Talk about a hidden gem that I am sure the locals would want to keep that way. A beautiful, fully fenced play space featuring a lovely playground, sandpits, swings and a heap of smaller play equipment scattered around the park. One thing I found amazing was all the toys left lying around, which are free for everyone to use and return once they are finished. How fantastic! Sand pits are fun but sand pits plus toys is way funner!

Definitely aimed at the younger kids, the playground is perfect (and under shade!) for the under 8s, with climbing equipment and a nice size slide for the young ones. Lots of trees add to the beautiful setting and plenty of grass to run around (and paths for riding scooters and bikes).

Parking is not bad, with quiet back streets on both sides of the park but there aren’t any toilets here sadly. What a fantastic facility for the locals and so well cared for too. A real delight this one.