*** August 2021 Update ***

Where: Sturt Ave, Colonel Light Gardens

Mortlock Park in Colonel Light Gardens has had an upgrade!

Located right next to Colonel Light Primary School and across the oval from the Goodwood Baseball Club. With equipment perfect for toddlers to upper primary school kids there is sure to be something to suit most. Lets scroll through our highlights from the upgrade….

– Lots of climbing webs/ nets, monkey bars & swinging beams

– Giant xylophone, in ground trampoline & four way seesaw

– Merry go round/ in ground spinny thing (thats the technical playground analyst term for it) goes REALLY FAST!

– Seated flying fox

– Toilets!!!!!

– Two different slides of different sizes

The new section is definitely more suited to older kids (5+), but all of the old section is still there which has plenty of play options for toddlers. There are obviously still lots of room for ball games with the ovals next door & the bike jumps are still there too.

Just South-West of the play equipment (walk past the hall) on the edge of the oval is an awesome little BMX track. Depending on riding ability, we think the BMX track is perfect for beginners or those aged up to 8-9 years old.

Parking for the Mortlock Park playground is best in the small off street carpark off West Parkway, or on West Parkway itself.