Mortlock Park in Colonel Light Gardens is located right next to Colonel Light Primary School and across the oval from the Goodwood Baseball Club. With equipment perfect for toddlers to upper primary school kids there is sure to be something to suit most.

We love that there are HEAPS of climbing options at Mortlock Park playground including a rock climbing wall, ladder wall (shown below) and a number of others.

There are 3 swings – a large bird’s nest swing for multiple kids to enjoy together, plus a regular and a baby swing side-by-side. There is a small toddlers castle with age appropriate stairs, climbing and slide – and this is in a lovely shady spot in the park.

The kids love the ‘obstacle course’ where they can climb over and through a number of different balancing type course parts to get through to the end without falling off.

Mortlock Park has an older section with equipment for middle to upper primary kids with higher monkey bars, bigger slide and more difficult climbing equipment.

Just South-West of the play equipment (walk past the hall) on the edge of the oval is an awesome little BMX track. Depending on riding ability, we think the BMX track is perfect for beginners or those aged up to 8-9 years old.

Parking for the Mortlock Park playground is best in the small off street carpark off West Parkway, or on West Parkway itself.