Find it at: West Tce, Port Broughton

We love a regional playground! The playground on the foreshore at Port Broughton is EXCELLENT – you could spend a good few hours here. You’ll find it at the end of the Port Broughton Jetty, with a bakery (with decent coffee!) across the road. Winner!

This playground is actually split into two fully fenced sections with about 100 metres between each. Don’t ask us why, we’re sure there is a reason but our kids loved running back and forth between the two areas, so our first tip is to find yourself a position BETWEEN both playgrounds to make it easy on yourself!

Between the two sections, they have all ages covered. There are ramps and climbing equipment for toddlers, through to a seated flying fox for older kids. You’ll also find swings, slides, instruments, play tables, a double swing and more.

Both sections are under shadecloth, which is a major win for us!

If you are so inclined, there is also a section with exercise equipment (does anyone actually ever use those for their intended purpose or do kids just play on them like ours did?) as well as a half basketball court and HEAPS of grass. Take balls.

This playground is perfect to spend the day at if you are staying at the Port Broughton Tourist Park, or anywhere on the Copper Coast.

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