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Ridge Park is located on the corner of Glen Osmond Rd and Barr Smith Ave in Myrtle Bank. As you can see from the map below, the park is HUGE and divided up into a number of sections that take up over 5 hectares. It’s the largest open space in the City of Unley.

Ridge Park has a big oval, tennis courts, fitness equipment, toilets, an off leash dog area and of course the all important playground equipment. There’s a swing, big climbing rope frame, slide, balance beams and a wooden forte dotted around the play area in between trees and native gardens.  There’s logs to climb and balance on, trees to hide behind and lorikeets and kookaburras to listen to when we were there. Even though it’s bordered by one of Adelaide’s busiest roads, you wouldn’t know it. It’s a really nice spot!

This is a great park for kids (like mine) who like to climb, hang, jump off, swing from, run around and hide behind.  Lots to explore! Oh and it would make a great spot for a birthday party, although I feel like it would be a popular choice so you might want to get there early on the weekends to get a spot.

Make sure you take hat and sunscreen though. Even though there are lots of trees around, some parts of the park are in full sun and today it was hot out there!

Ridge Park


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