Kids around the Taperoo area and beyond are in for a BIG treat when they visit this new play space.

With a $6.4million budget for the 2018 upgrade, the great thing about this playground is that it caters for ALL age groups. Something we love for Adelaide families as it keeps everyone happy oh and occupied. The equipment is quite spread out and has been zoned for ages . It incorporates lots of challenging climbing structures for the older kids and has a toddler play area along with sand pit and water play for the younger ones. As soon as you arrive at the playground you are greeted with a large red rope twin tower rope structure that leads to an amazing tubular, long, twisty slide. Just to get to the slide is a challenge in itself.

In addition to the this the older kids can enjoy another rope climbing structure that looks like the mini Mega Adventure that we see located at West Beach. The older kids are going to love it. You cannot miss the green ropes or the height of this piece of equipment. Sure beats anything I had as a kid at the playground. Within this area you will also fine 2 nest swings , another rope climbing frame ( yes another ) along with inground trampolines and a round about flying swing. This area is a big kid haven. The older kids section is not under shade.

As you move back across to the other side of the playground you will find the toddler / little kids area under shade. It has been separated either side of the big red tower and features a pirate ship themed play equipment area featuring  slippery dip, a small climbing net, bouncy animals and lots lots more. Over in this area you will also see a swing swing set (inc baby swing ) along with a dual swing for babies and carers to use together.My 14 month old just loved having a swing with mummy and laughed and laughed. Must admit I also loved it as you don’t see these swings very often at playgrounds.

The other area for little ones features another slippery dip , rope climbing frame along with lots of mounds and stumps to climb on. This area also has an awesome sand and water play area. In this area you will find water troughs that have areas that open and shut to allow the water to build up so then the kids need to pump the water through using a big wheel. It also has a sand table with little spades. SO much fun and all under shade cloth.

This huge space also has lots of fitness areas including basketball and tennis courts and lots of grassed areas for the kids to run around on. The park features toilets, shaded BBQ facilities and as mentioned the play areas partially shaded mainly in the younger kids zone. The park is NOT be fully fenced off and most of the time it is ok as the areas are so big. The biggest thing to watch is the toddler pirate ship is close to the car park.  Good news for dog owners the reserve also features 2 awesome doggy parks (one for little and one for big) and is the best dog park I have seen.(I thought it was for the kids – oops!)

Roy Marten Park is well worth a visit whether you are local or live a far. Pack a picnic and head down for the day as this playground wont disappoint and will be a WIN for the entire family.

Military Road, Taperoo

Feature image credit LCS Landscapes