Solandra Reserve Playground

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Pack up the change of clothes kids, we are going to sand and water play nirvana! Solandra Reserve out at Modbury North has had a fab upgrade, with the space transformed into a brilliant community facility. Featuring the already mentioned sand and water play features (undercover too we might add!), chuck in a great little pump track and a range of equipment to suit the big kids and little ones, this one will definitely be getting a return visit.

Toilets are not yet in place but we are lead to believe they are coming soon, so fingers crossed for that one. Don’t forget to pack all the balls for the huge grassed area and if you are after a coffee, it is a stones throw from Tea Tree Plaza! Bliss! Pack a lunch to cook up on the BBQ and make a day of it. It isn’t fenced but its tucked away in relatively quiet side streets so no massive issues there.

This really is one of those ‘stay for an hour or 2’ type of playgrounds, with so much to do for the under 8s especially. Check out the map and get out there!

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