Update October 2020 – Tusmore Pool is currently closed and will remain closed until COVID-19 social distancing requirements are in place.

A personal favourite, Tusmore Park Playground and Toddlers Pool is a perfect spot for a warm summer’s day with young kids. The pool is just 30cm deep so it’s great for babies and kids under school age. While everyone loves a FREE pool, and this little gem in Tusmore (just a few mins drive from Burnside Village) is well-known and loved, however there’s always room for a few more!

Tip – on a hot day get there early (before 10am) or wait until after lunch to avoid the main crowds. Even on a hot day the cool water keeps the immediate area quite managable and the UV sun mesh over the pool, plus plenty of trees nearby, ensure there is lots of shade from the harsh sun.

Like the pool, the playground is aimed at younger kids and best suited for 3-6 year olds, with a climbing frame, swings and a toddlers slide among other equipment.

In addition to the playground and pool, there is plenty of open space to play, bbqs and toilet facilities making it a great spot for a picnic or afternoon of fun with family and friends.

A word of warning that neither the playground, pool nor creek (usually dry unless there’s been recent heavy rain) are fenced so you’ll need to keep a very close eye on the kids.

Opening Hours: Open all hours. Toddlers pool only during extended summer months. Open from 6th November 2015.

Our Fave Local: Tony & Mark’s is an amazing fresh fruit and veg grocer at 555 Portrush Road, Glenunga, just a few mins drive South of Tusmore Park. While we love the fresh produce, we mostly go for the fantastic coffees at Zeea’s Eatery (next door) on the way to the Tusmore free pool!

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Feature image credit: burnside.sa.gov.au