** UPDATE 15 March 2022** It’s OPEN!

Here are the first photos from the brand new Tusmore Park Wading Pool opened in March 2022.

The new design features a fully fenced and shaded wading pool, lawned areas for picnics, a new creek style section, tiered seating and water play equipment for plenty of splashing.

  • It’s fully fenced!! Hoorah!
  • It’s unsupervised. No lifeguard on duty. So please keep an eye on your kids while they’re in the water
  • It’s open sunrise to sunset
  • No booking required

Tusmore Park is a gorgeous spot in the Eastern suburbs with plenty of room for picnics, birthday parties and weekend BBQs. As well as the fabulous wading pool there’s a nearby playground, tennis court and toilets. Great spot!

 Find it: Stirling Street, Tusmore

Feature image credit: burnside.sa.gov.au

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