Walford Anglican School for Girls: A First Class Adelaide Private School

At Walford Anglican School, a premier Adelaide private school for girls, we believe that it is important for your daughter to be her best! For more than 120 years Walford has maintained a dedication to excellence in the education of girls. But there’s more to education than exemplary academic results.

Walford is a dynamic girls’ school offering a friendly, family-orientated environment where each student is empowered, challenged and inspired to do, and be, her best.

But we can only do this by recognising the individual that she is.

We will take the time to learn about and connect with her. We will recognise her unique needs and nurture her self-belief, courage and passion, to ensure she embraces the opportunity of each day.

Progressive teaching and guidance are provided in state-of-the-art facilities to provide our students with the very best preparation to follow their future ambitions.

Our school is a vibrant community where learning is prioritised and lifelong friendships formed. Our campus is designed to facilitate positive interactions across year levels and to provide the sense of belonging and connectedness that each girl should feel with her school.

Walford warmly welcomes students from ELC (boys are welcome to attend ELC sessions) to Year 12, including boarding and international students.

adelaide private school walford girls reading a story

Walford’s ELC – Let the Adventure Begin!

At Walford’s Early Learning Centre your child will embark on an amazing journey towards school. Our specialised pre-school program is open to both boys and girls and includes a mid-year Reception Ready program designed to give children their best start to Reception by facilitating a happy and seamless transition. Our ELC also offers a flexible pre-school program for 4 year olds, a sessional program for 3 year olds and a playgroup held for toddlers each Friday.


A Special Place within the School

Walford is divided into four development-appropriate places. We welcome girls and boys to our Early Learning Centre, which provides a fun and secure environment in which to learn. The learning journey then continues for girls in our Junior School, which incorporates Reception through Year 5. Our Middle School provides an inspiring and engaging space for our Year 6-9 students to explore and thrive. The growing maturity and independence of our Year 10 to 12 students is recognised in the Senior School.

walford school for girls music program

Supportive and Inclusive

At Walford the wellbeing of students and their character development is at the heart of everything we do. Teachers ensure that students feel safe in a school that is inclusive, friendly and supportive. At Walford the girls are known and valued by their teachers and peers.

This is enhanced by the family-ethos of the School. Students are supported by a warm and welcoming wider community of families and Old Scholars.


Consistent Excellence

More than half of Walford Year 12s consistently achieve a Tertiary Entrance Ranking in the top 10% of the state, and well over 95% of Walford graduates go on to University. As well as a record of outstanding academic achievement, Walford enjoys a reputation for excellence in sporting, musical and dramatic performances.

walford anglican private girls school outdoor play

The First to Offer the International Baccalaureate Programs

We were the first girls’ school in Australia to offer all three programs of the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the first girls’ school in South Australia to offer the IB Diploma (students are also welcome to study the SACE program in Years 11 and 12).

The IB continuum of programs develop the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills of students, enhancing their capacity to live, learn, work and excel in our increasingly global world.


Courage and Truth at the Core

Walford’s motto, “Virtute et Veritate” (with Courage and Truth) underpins everything we do.

At Walford, your daughter is challenged to think for herself, show consideration of others, to develop courage and respect the truth. Our students complete their schooling with their self-esteem firmly in place, confident to determine their future anywhere in the world.

These values form the foundation of the strong sense of community and purpose at Walford. Students recognise the importance of contributing to society through participation in a wide variety of social service activities.


Sharing the Passion

The teachers at Walford share a common vision as they strive for excellence in the classroom. They are passionate about their profession and use data and feedback readily to inform their practice. Our teachers are able to identify and develop the special strengths and interests in their students who in turn enjoy inspiring classes taught by teachers doing what they love.

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Superb Location and Facilities

Walford is superbly located at 316 Unley Road, in the attractive surrounds of Hyde Park. We are conveniently located just 4 kilometres south of Adelaide’s CBD and less than 12 kilometres from the coast.

Students enjoy modern, well-equipped educational, performing and sporting facilities. Our magnificent Helen Reid Hall serves as a performing arts centre, with tiered seating and professional sound, light and staging.

The Walford Sports Centre is an outstanding indoor facility, incorporating indoor courts, a viewing platform, fitness room and movement studio. Students also have access to tennis/netball courts, hockey fields, an oval and heated swimming pool.

Specialist art, drama and music facilities enable students to develop their own special talents and skills.

Our modern, well-appointed boarding house reflects the family ethos that pervades the school. A cafeteria, with alfresco dining, ensuite bathrooms, entertainment areas and single rooms for the older girls help create a wonderful environment for girls living away from home.

If you’re looking for a first class Adelaide private school for your daughter, look no further than Walford. Contact us today.

Phone: 8373 4062

Website: www.walford.asn.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/walfordschool

Location: 136 Unley Road, Malvern


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