Complementing the playground, the upgraded area at Apex Park caters for a wide variety of ages and is great for catch ups, parties, a general play or hit of tennis.

The fully fenced playground features lots of equipment over a quite large area. It is a bark chip surface, so with considering if unsteady on your feet, and there is unfortunately no accessible play here. If that doesn’t rule you out, It’s a bloody great park worth driving out of your area for.

Best ages, honest opinion, there is not a lot of play for the under 3 yo’s to play independently and not much for the 9 yo + in the play ground, apart from the oversized nest swing. Personally it makes a nice change here to NOT have water play. Some of us don’t like it, especially in winter.

Featuring lots of small to mid scale climbing opportunities including stairs, mini rock climb wall, a rope spider web tower, a mini spinning climbing frame and lots more. You will also find normal swings and the oversized nest swing. Throughout the equipment the kids will find fun activity games that blend in along with a mini merry-go-round with 2 seats. The majority of the play equipment actually makes up a ship – if you stand back and look. The kids will find 4 slippery dips that all have there own challenges depending on age and abilities. From a tubular mound slide, curly slide to traditional slides. None of them are big.

Inside the fenced play equipment there is a nice clean water fountain and some seating. Out side the fence there are tennis courts, bbqs, basketball ring, redeveloped grass areas, a pond and ducks (if you insist on feeding them please no bread. Look up suitable foods).

There is shade over the main equipment structure and new toilets are available, although have been locked on our last two visits – so we will endeavour to find out more about that.

The Stage 1 redevelopment has created more versatility of the site as well as safety amenity and enhancement of the natural environment. It also features a new community building that will cater for the local scouts and the community will be able to hire it. It has a horse arena and associated sheds and bridle track, new car parks, access roads, a new path network and retaining walls around the southern perimeter of the wetland, new duck pond with boardwalk and water re-circulation system, shelters and barbecues, resurfaced and re-purposed tennis courts along with a new basketball court.

Over all it is a lovely area for a walk around and a play. Please exercise caution around the water but know the playground is fully fenced and safe.

We’ll keep you updated as we know more about developments at this site. 

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