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Do you like fun, food and gin…..and fun?…..and gin? Yep, us too! Make 2020 the year that you lock in some time out to pursue something for your self. Imagine that – a day just for you. Pencil it on the calendar, grab a bestie, sort the kids and take off for a day (or night) of fun. It’s good for us, it recharges the old ‘Mum batteries’ like nobody’s business and in our recent quest to uncover Adelaide’s best ‘Mum’s Time Out’ experiences we found Barossa Gin School and guys, it is RIGHT up there with one of the best things I have ever done! (…..and I’ve done stuff ha ha.)

Happy ‘Mum’s Time Out’ Birthday to me!

I was recently gifted the best present I have ever been given, when two of my girlfriends thoughtfully purchased a voucher for me to ‘Be a Distiller for a Day’ with the Barossa Gin School. What a cracking gift if you have some one special (who loves gin and food – um don’t most of us?)

I twisted a girlfriends arm to come with me, because Mum’s Time is better with friends (hopefully the sort that make you laugh and laugh until you snort and find your self praying for some kind of pelvic floor miracle) we booked it in and we hit up our Sheba Rideshare app to sort some transport. Barossa Gin School can be found in The Farm Eatery, Nuriootpa – home of Durand Distillery’s Barossa Gin School. It’s kinda fancy.

Grab a girlfriend and let the making be-gin!

Some solid advice, allow some time before your session to explore Maggie Beers Farm Shop and Cafe (there is loads of tastings on offer) but hold off on the exceptionally good coffee until after you are done – because you are going to need your pallet for some early tastings as you learn a bit (a lot) about gins and how to work out what style of gin you might like to make.

We had a station each – which meant we were making a bottle of gin each – winning. You can opt to share a station if there are two of you, making the experience more cost effective.

Now is a great time to tell you that this place is Australia’s first craft gin distilling experience. No blending of pre made spirits here pfffft that would be like cheating… experiencing only half of the process. Yes it takes a while, but you’ll be treated to the most beautiful of lunches in The Eatery (…at none other than Maggie Beers Farm…but we don’t call it that any more, it’s simply ‘The Farm’ and ‘The Eatery’. The food – oh my – its reason enough for a visit on it’s own.

From start to finish will take you four hours, and in that time you’ll become well educated on gin styles and will explore a large range of popular and uniquely less common aromatics to select to make your own bottle of gin from scratch.

Following lunch it was time to measure out our gin and break it back to a bottle strength spirit, bottle, wax seal and create a label for your masterpiece.

hmmmm time to get creative and label my tasty master piece!

We adored this experience. I have always loved science, cooking and any thing hands on really. This experience was first class and we highly recommend it for a bit of a fun day out. It would make a lovely gift or a great hens day / special group celebration.

As they say…….”let the fun be-gin”

You'll find Barossa Gin School at
Pheasant Farm Road, Nuriootpa, 5352 
For more info and to book visit
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Phone them on   0402 017 139  
Email Here 

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