Learn new skills and take it to the next level with Bounce Freestyle Academy! You will be guided by your instructor in a safe way to build skills and learn new tricks! Its the ultimate way to keep active and unleash your inner freestyle ability!

BOUNCE is part of a global freestyle movement inspiring the use of balance, coordination and agility for fun, creativity and self-expression

Bounce has trampolines, padding and air bags to create the perfect playground to develop and practice your skills. Whether you’re trying to master your first flip into the Big Bag or learning how to run The Wall, it’s the ultimate environment to get a taste of Freestyle! 

The world is going crazy for freestyle. The world of action-adventure sport and ‘freestyle’ was once the domain of a handful of elite athletes but is now very much in the mainstream. Parkour will be a feature at the next Olympic games in 2020, and ‘freestyle movement’ is finding its way into mainstream sport, from gymnastics to surfing.

The Ninja Warrior TV phenomenon and adventure races such as Spartan and Tough Mudder are helping grow the popularity and accessibility of these exciting ways of moving and living



Flight Squad is a trampoline based development program designed for all levels to learn freestyle trampoline skills and tricks. It combines dedicated coaching time and gymnastic technique into a fun and challenging program.



Mini BOUNCE Squad is a program designed specifically for preschoolers learning the fundamentals of physical, social and emotional skills, on the way to becoming the freestylers of tomorrow.  



BOUNCE Squad provides participants with a great head start in developing social, emotional and fundamental skills – the perfect program for kids in the early years of school.



Ninja Squad combines core elements of Ninja, Parkour and Freerunning into an exciting and challenging program.

So……from weekly term time lessons in your chosen specialty, to school holiday camps – you will be sure to sharpen up your skills and start pulling off those mad tricks (safely) in no time!

Classes are for a variety of ages, from pre schoolers throught to teens and with levels for all abilities.

Learning new skills takes your freestyle to the next level – the more you can do, the more fun you have. 

Check out all of the classes and lessons at BOUNCE for a taste of fun, freedom and freestyle HERE.

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