Ever wanted to set up an amazing outdoor space for your kids? Well with a bit of creativity, imagination and maybe a touch of elbow grease you can create a space that is guaranteed to keep the kids busy for hours!
Think outside the box!

Our backyard is a treasure trove of odds and ends that we have found in op shops, tip shops, industrial areas and garage sales! Items like pallets (untreated) tyres, wooden planks, cable reels, old bike wheels, gutters and pipes all give children a wide range of resources to play and create with. Some items will need rough edges sanded off, or a quick coat of paint before they can be used by children.

Have “Messy” Areas

I know, I know, the last thing we all need is any more mess to clean up. But bear with me for a minute! Having an area especially set up for messy play can really benefit children. Being given opportunities to get a bit mucky and dirty and to experiment and play with lots of different materials is fantastic for sensory development, sense of self and immune systems! Even if just a little painting or playdough table for your child to experiment with can be hugely beneficial. Have some warm water, a washcloth and a change of clothes ready!

Keep It Simple

  • Collect a few kitchen odds and ends and add them to a table with water and dirt. It’s a mud kitchen!
  • Pick flowers from the garden and give your (older) child scissors to “snip” the flowers. Great for fine motor skills and coordination.
  • Add herbs, sticks and flowers to playdough. Expect some beautiful creations!
  • Fill a tub with warm bubbly water and add cups for tipping and pouring
  • Put a basket of dress ups and a mirror in the cubbyhouse (make sure the mirror is placed so it can’t get broken, or get a child-safe mirror)
  • Paint some planks of wood like roads – instant car track!
  • Add baskets of seed pods, sticks, pinecones, flowers, shells, and place around your yard and see what you children create!

Create space for active play

One of my favourite strategies to help deal with an active child was to go outside! Balls, blocks, climbing areas, things to swing on and balance on. Areas to RUN! Children need to move their bodies frequently and creating a space to do that will be a sanity saver for them and you! Children need plenty of hours of unstructured active play to thrive and to wear themselves out!

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  • /pleɪ/ verb: engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.

  • Nature play has to be one of the most wonderful ways to connect with your child. Not only does it give opportunities to have lots of fun, get a little bit messy and to get outdoors, but it also lets you be creative together! Here is a list of all the ways we love to play in nature! Create a mud kitchen – Grab a few bowls, spoons, jugs, saucepans – anything in the kitchen that you don’t really need and add dirt and water. Instant mud kitchen! Grab some nature items so that your mud pies look amazing! Get creative with clay or playdough – Set up your dough with flowers, herbs, shells, seed pods and pinecones for some amazing playdough or clay play! Paint with nature – Add your favourite nature odds and ends to the painting table. We love painting on rocks and putting them around our garden. Draw with Nature – Same idea as above, but use pastels, crayons, or chalks (less mess too!) Pinecone Weaving – Collect pinecones and add string or wool, for a fun weaving experience. Start a Nature Collection – Starting a collection is fun! It gives you something to look out…

  • Kids LOVE water play, it's cheap, and usually pretty clean and well a bit messy but that's ok, only water right? With hot days ahead it's always a fun option. Here are some of our favourite activities involving good old H2O that will keep your little people both cool and entertained this summer. An old baby bath, a clam pool and a hose with a changeable pressure and water distribution nozzle are some of the things we find handy, as well as some old cups, bowls, spoons or what ever you might have that can be well, sacrificed. Before we kick off, it would be negligent of us not to throw in a reminder that drowning can occur in very small bodies of water. Always supervise waterplay for young kids and always ensure you flip buckets or tubs over so as they are empty when you finish. Now let's get to it...... Hose play. You control the hose, the kids run around like maniacs. Get them running with a nice cold squirt on the back. Make water bridges for them to run under, water hurdles for them to jump over, make it 'rain', swirly big circles for them to jump…