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Did you hear the news travel fans? Cheap flights ARE ON THEIR WAY this April!

COVID has been as much fun for travellers as watching footy has been for crows fans this past year, but with life seemingly on the brink of returning to some normality (I mean toilet paper is now on the shelves again and we don’t have to buy the crappy pasta even the hoarders didn’t want) the Federal Government are going to help get us back in the air again!

So how exactly are they doing this? They are pumping $1.2 Billion (that’s Billion with a B…..or what Jeff Bezos has as loose change in his car) to subsidize about 800, 000 airline tickets for flights throughout Australia. With the exception of Adelaide to KI, all of the routes that will be cheap are interstate ones (so far any way), so bring on a trip to the Goldy for theme parks and more with the kids, or maybe stay local and jump on the KI flights. At this stage Adelaide routes that have been announced are as follows;

  • Adelaide – Gold Coast
  • Adelaide – Kingscote (Kangaroo Island)
  • Adelaide – Maroochydore (QLD)
  • Adelaide – Alice Springs

The flights will be available to purchase from April 1 for travel after May 1 (until the end of September), with Qantas , Virgin and Jetstar expected to be the main carriers (but smaller ones may jump on too). There may be more routes announced but at this stage, this is what is on offer.

So keep on eye out with your fave airline and good luck!

Grab some more info on Kangaroo Island for Families and Gold Coast for Families,

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