There are so many ways for children to play, learn, grown and build their strength. We love this blog from Russell, who is a chiropractor at Smart Health Training and Services

Cirkidz, what an opportunity!  A dad’s perspective.

It has been weeks of rehearsal, a big build up, Cirkidz performers are ready, a large crowd gathers, the stage is ready, lighting dulled, music crafted and cued, the production, begins!  A masterful choreograph of, juggling, acrobatics, hula-hoop, trampoline, trapeze, and contortion combine to tell a story beyond the performance.  I watch in awe, pride wells, tears tumble and a smile forms. Creative expression from these amazing kids are on display; confidence, determination, resilience, strength and above all, a powerful sense of internal self worth. I am forever indebted to Cirkidz for their part in instilling these fine qualities and skills in our children.

There’s the training we can’t get to quick enough after school with excited chatter in the back seat from the ‘Cirkidz’ I have picked up along the road to Bowden filling the car.  The ‘kidz’ return, covered in sweat, exhausted yet exhilarated and on the drive home achievements are discussed, difficulties resolved, and they eagerly await the next class.  At home an endless thud of juggling balls on floor boards resonate through the house, constant forward rolls on the carpet and cleaning the walls of foot prints as hand stands are practiced. The growth of the Little Tackerz into an elite troupe member is a subtle evolution that expresses itself on performance days and long after the lights of Cirkidz have been turned off for the night.

Cirkidz promo: We, The Unseen from Rory Noke on Vimeo.

Cirkidz supports the child as a whole, acknowledging the physical and emotional are not separate, but one; empowering the developing human to express themselves openly and honestly supporting a growing understanding of responsibility that extends out into the wider community. The skill development acquired forms a solid foundation of neuromuscular coordination that serves the child well beyond their circus years, enhancing future activities, sport and general wellbeing.

Circus arts challenge. Challenge forms self. Self has many qualities. Trust; hands clasp desperately to hold a three high before a forward sault to the earth by the flyer. Skill; endless dropped clubs, as five float in the air as if by levitation, confidence, on the edge of a four metre drop, holding a hand stand, free falling to a trampoline below. Friendship; that high five from a friend when a trick is perfected. Determination; frustration as endless practice shows no reward, gradually, a strong, steady, controlled single-handed handstand, morphs. Self worth; the posture and eyes say it, they look deep into the conversation and convey themselves as the human being that they are.

Cirkidz creates artists, creative human beings, confident in themselves and caring of others.

The skills and qualities earned and developed throughout the Cirkidz journey takes the child well beyond this amazing space Adelaide has in Bowden in to the performance of their life.

Russell Hanna, Chiropractor at Smart Health Training Services is a father of two boys who attended Cirkidz at the South Australian Circus Arts Centre in Bowden over a period of ten years.  Russell has been intrinsically involved in co-assessment in a multidisciplinary environment at Cirkidz working closely with this highly developed and specialist group of elite circus performers.  An ultra marathon runner he also has a special interest in the running athlete. 



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