Tweenz 9 – 12’s, 90 minutes of community, creativity and coordination each week!

Tweenz classes give the opportunity to learn, improve and extend new skills in acrobatics, balance, juggling, aerial and more. At this age it all starts to come together as Tweenz work in pairs and groups which teach respect, trust, focus and cooperation while still allowing their individual strengths to shine. Participants learn some truly extraordinary tricks, coupled with the naturally creative mind of Tweenz, means skills and ideas come together in quirky clever routines.

Specialise! Want more of a tailored experience? Pick one of their specialist classes:

Tumbling & Acrobatics (8 – 12)

Full-on physical class of ground-based tumbling for participants interested in learning and improving their tumbling, handstands, trampoline and pyramid skills. Tricking is dynamic style of tumbling influenced by street dance and parkour, creating dynamic, fluid combinations of flips and saults.  Build individual skills and work towards a group act; as well as exploring the wonderful world of the fast track. 

Aerial Class (8 – 12)

See what the view is like from up here!
We have seen first hand the benefit that aerial classes can have for young people aged 8-17. Not only do these classes help to develop physical core and upper body strength, but they also improve confidence and give these students the strength they need in their lives socially and psychologically. Classes are taught by highly skilled trainers with extensive performance and competitive expertise in their fields who understand and teach the fundamental building blocks of the artform. Cirkidz Aerial classes are a safe, secure and fun environment where everyone is encouraged to be themselves, set realistic goals and overcome challenges.

Parkour (8-12)

Train with SAPA-accredited instructors and run, leap and roll through our fully equipped and safe facility. We set our space up with lots of crash mats and your safety is our priority. We encourage safe risk taking and goal setting along with team building and cooperation. Learn creative ways to move your body from point A to point B! Improve your fitness and strength while you train hard and have fun. Please note, this is not a Free Running class.

Young adults, 13+, 2 hours a week!

Pure circus fun. Hang out with your friends, play games and get fit in our teen classes. Learn awesome circus tricks your friends will be envious of! Trainers teach new students the basics and challenge those who need more of a push. Teen classes are flexible, designed to encourage free choice with Teenz choosing their own direction. Past Teenz have gone on to become Cirkidz trainers, be invited into the Cirkidz Performance Program, be accepted into the National Institute for Circus Arts (NICA) and tour internationally.

Save $100 on enrolment fees!
Cirkidz is now a member of the Sports Vouchers program – a Government initiative to increase participation in sports and recreation for primary school aged children. The program allows you to save $100 on a sports club registration per primary school-aged child, per year. This means you can now use this amazing offer to save $100 on Cirkidz enrolment fees every year!

Free class! Attend a free class to see if circus is the right fit for you!
Just give Cirkidz a buzz on 8346 5735 or for more info visit

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