Elliot Goodger Memorial Park (Willaston Oval)

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Nothern suburbs residents love this new nature playspace opened in February 2020 and designed to be integrated with the recently completed BMX Pump Track on Gawler River Road, Willaston.

Equipment includes basket swing, natural cubby building area, climbing ropes and nets, tunnels and lots of rocks and logs for balancing on. There is also an accessible slide which is great to see.

There’s a picnic shelter, some large shade tress and a table but no toilets.

In addition to the nature play areas, there are 2 small pump tracks for budding bike riders. Suitable for balance bikes to primary school aged kids, the tracks are small, but fun. One if suited to quite new riders and the other to more confident riders, which is made more challenging due to more bumps and dips to navigate around the track.

Gawler BMX Track

If your kids are avid riders though they will want to head about 50m away over the small ride to find yourself the Gawler BMX Track. A large racing track, with starting gate open during official track training and races, the Gawler BMX Track is a great public space for beginner, developing and racing riders. Check their session times on their Facebook page.

For other BMX tracks around Adelaide, check out our post here.

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  • Where: The Parade, Kensington Park With a recent development (Opened September 2020) of the existing playground, this has been transformed into such a beautiful toddler playground. Nature play is the theme here with the playground sitting nicely with the local scenery, but the trade off for this is it probably is only a playground for the up to 5 years crowd. There is shade, toilets, a water fountain and tables, but it isn't fully fenced which isn't too much of an issue as the road side is fenced. The nearby Kensington Oval was in immaculate condition when we visited (no doubt it always is!) so feel free to bring a ball or frisbee to have a muck around. Parking isn't too bad either, so we just parked on The Parade next to the oval. There is a reasonable amount of play equipment, with swings, balancing logs, and a small tower and slide which will keep the young ones happy enough. Coffee wise (always the most important playground feature!), it is on The Parade....you could pick anywhere and it will be good!

  • Plympton Oval playground that was upgraded in 2015. The playground is fairly small but has equipment that kids ranging from toddlers up to primary kids will enjoy. Smaller kids and toddlers will like the junior climbing structure, slide and swings while the older kids, especially climbers will love the tricky monkey bars, spinning bars and climbing nets. Or if your kids are up for the challenge, can they get to the top of the shade sale pole like Finn did? There are some big logs surrounding the equipment that are fun for balancing on. The playground is located within the oval grounds and although the playground on it's own isn't fully fenced, the oval as a whole is so you don't have to worry about kids escaping onto the road. It's a great place for a big run around, kick the footy or play some cricket in the nets. There are shade sails over the equipment, accessible pathways and picnic table and seating. No BBQsPublic toilets are located at the oval club rooms. Images credit marion.sa.gov.au Close to the tram and Mike Turtur bikewayMilton Ave, Plympton Park Thanks for the photos Sue!

  • Sometimes all you need for toddlers is a little iddy biddy fenced and shaded spot with a few playground bits and pieces and a great big oval next door. Stunning Tregenza Oval at Linden Park is like a little Oasis amongst the backstreets of this leafy suburb. A small fenced and shaded playground sits off to the side of the oval, but the equipment is mainly a few small pieces for the little kids to climb on.  The real reason for coming here is the enormous, beautiful oval (toilets nearby too!) which is perfect to bring the footy, frisbee, kite, dog or whatever takes your fancy. Even just a picnic would make for a lovely arvo at this spot. 

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