Plympton Oval playground that was upgraded in 2015.

The playground is fairly small but has equipment that kids ranging from toddlers up to primary kids will enjoy. Smaller kids and toddlers will like the junior climbing structure, slide and swings while the older kids, especially climbers will love the tricky monkey bars, spinning bars and climbing nets. Or if your kids are up for the challenge, can they get to the top of the shade sale pole like Finn did? There are some big logs surrounding the equipment that are fun for balancing on.

The playground is located within the oval grounds and although the playground on it’s own isn’t fully fenced, the oval as a whole is so you don’t have to worry about kids escaping onto the road. It’s a great place for a big run around, kick the footy or play some cricket in the nets.

There are shade sails over the equipment, accessible pathways and picnic table and seating. No BBQs
Public toilets are located at the oval club rooms.

Close to the tram and Mike Turtur bikeway
Milton Ave, Plympton Park

Thanks for the photos Sue!