Test out an afternoon with nature at Brownhill Creek. Enjoy a quiet adventure with the family here year round. In summer there’s usually just enough water to be fun for the littler kids without the faster flowing water you’ll find here in Autumn and winter.

We have spent a number of wonderful afternoons down at Brownhill Creek armed with nothing more than some bathers, towel, gumboots and a bucket (or even less!) For older families there is a great walking path alongside the road where you can walk right up the valley (and sometimes spot the horses if you walk far enough!). There are a number of spots to park the car with tables and chairs or cleared areas for a lovely shaded picnic spot AND you will often spot a koala too!

Between Spring to Autumn, there is usually a slow moving stream which is great for kids to play in, look for tadpoles, wrigglers and water beetles. There are lots of fallen trees to climb over and under along the way, but take care as always around water with kids – mine always find a way to fall in!

Dogs allowed on leash BUT on our most recent visit there were loads of dogs not on leash so that might be an issue if you or your kids don’t like dogs

People say it’s not pram friendly but if you have a mountain buggy or good off road pram we think it’s a great spot for a pram walk. The trails are good and we walked a long way with out any steps or any thing that would hold you up.

There’s no playground or equipment but don’t let that put you off, nature is the playground here. Watch out for thorny bushes, we encountered a few – I’m not sure what they are called? Kangaroo thorn maybe?

Worth noting we didn’t come across any toilets – let us know if you know otherwise!

Brownhill Creek
Where: To get there, turn up Brownhill Creek Road and continue past the caravan park and park the car at one of the designated areas along the road – which is right next to the creek.