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There is a lot to love about the Clare Valley and we recently uncovered some genuinely unbelievable places for families, like the multi award winning Sevenhill Hotel. Kids are not just welcome here, they are catered for with great passion, food and activities. When you get young energetic publicans like Paul Longbottom and Kate Shadiac, who have kids of their own, you often strike gold. like you will right here.

Steeped in history, Sevenhill Hotel is a back to back ‘Best Country Dining’
AHA Award Winner.

Conveniently located on the Riesling Trail, if you are exploring the region by bike, this place makes a great lunch stop and is open seven days from 11am until late. It is also a very easy drive, under two hours, from Adelaide – even with kids.

Activity sheets, bright pencils and a cracking kids menu!

This pub is classic country hotel meets modern food and quirky spaces teamed with impeccable hospitality and service. Don’t be fooled by the traditional looking front bar – they actually pour some beautiful beverages, make a tasty espresso martini and have a wine list to die for (with a nice local focus – Clare Valley Riesling any one?)

These two could have sat down here all day.

Grab a drink on your way in and take a wander before you sit down to eat. Now, about that, reservations are preferred (it can be a busy place) and you can choose to sit out in the cute beer garden, in the modern dining room, or take a little adventure and book a table in the underground wine cellar. My kids were fascinated. PS It is a H_U_G_E wine cellar, housing quite the selection.

Beautiful cellar dining

We chose to eat in the dining room, but first enjoyed a game of giant Jenga and drink in the beer garden, followed by a little explore downstairs.

Soon seated at our table, the kids had fun activity sheets and bright pencils followed by prompt service and meal arrival. The kids fish and chips and house-made chicken bites were devoured very quickly!

If the walls down there could talk…….

The adults menu was impressive, we enjoyed a very fragrant butter chicken and slow cooked pork belly. There is also plenty of the more classic pub fare available. Regardless of what I order I always suffer food envy and highly enjoyed watching ALL of the meals that were coming out of that talented kitchen as they breezed past our table.

Five minutes of Mum’s time out to study the region. Wine – essential.

The kids finished up with ice cream and sprinkles (plain but impressive) and I opted for a quiet glass of Riesling by the fire while FIFO Dad and the kids did dessert. Perfect chance to get my head around our next stops on our ‘Clare Valley with Kids’ adventure.

Scooping professional at work

Sevenhill Hotel – no wonder you have all of those awards under your belt. You have a beautiful venue. It truly is family friendly and would make a perfect family stop off or a great spot for a special group celebration.

one of the more traditional, much loved menu items

A quick thank you note to the chef and we were off. It’s always a nice way to end a meal, keeps the kids occupied that little bit longer and teaches them gratitude and to be thankful for the time and care that some one has taken to put nice food in their bellies. Who knows, one day they might even thank me for dinner at home……..gaaaahhhh doubt it.

Massive thumbs up from the Kids in Adelaide Team!

Final word: if the kids need to burn some extra energy, it is just a hop, skip and a jump to the local playground Richardson Park Playspace, Sevenhill and it is worth checking out!

You will find Sevenhill Hotel at
Main North Rd, Sevenhill South Australia
Phone: (08) 8843 4217
For more information visit their website at
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