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As we reached the southern Flinders area just near Hawker, we stopped in for lunch at the Cradock Hotel. As a parent who has eaten at hundreds of pubs and restaurants with kids, I will comfortably say this was the best I have ever been too.

The nature style playground was amazing, let alone a playground at a pub! Dickie, who has owned the pub for about 3 years, built a lot of it himself and with materials sourced locally from his own property. I found that so cool and from someone who barely has one talent, let alone several, to be able to build that plus run a brilliant pub is really inspiring.

As good as the playground is, the large dining room that opens up onto it just really tops it off. The kids can run around while you sit and have a beer (or another type of beer….I didn’t check the wine list sorry) and watch the kids run around. Can’t think of a more nicer pub setting anywhere, let alone in the Flinders.

Now the big test. The food. My little food reviewers classed it as ‘The best pub food ever’ which I whole heartedly agreed with. Try the specials board too. I had the pie on Dickie’s recommendation and wasn’t disappointed. One of the best pies I have had and trust me, I have eaten a lot of pies. Those I played cricket with will say I bowled a few too. Little cricket humour thrown in for free.

They also have 6 updated accommodation rooms, camp grounds and new bathroom facilities so it really is a one stop shop this. Absolutely must fit this in to your trip and can’t wait to pop in again on our next trip.

You’ll find the Cradock Hotel at
25 Black Oak Drive, Leigh Creek
Phone: (08) 8648 4107

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