Located about 2.5hrs from Bendleby and right in time for lunch as we headed north we stopped into Parachilna and the famous Prairie Hotel.

Famous for their ‘feral’ menu including emu, kangaroo and camel, we tried the feral antipasto and feral mixed grill and everyone, including the kids, loved it! Well it was a sliding scale from loved it, down to ‘didn’t know what he was eating but ate it anyway’. An absolute gourmet experience. They offer a range of other choices too, but we pushed our stubborn little kiddies to try it all and they weren’t disappointed. I mean I told my 5yo that the camel label was because it was food that camel’s ate. Still counts.

Apart from the gourmet experience, they offer a learning experience too. Now before your kids groan because learning, this is actually really cool. The area is world famous for its fossil deposits so while you eat the kids can do fossil crafts and wander around looking at the fossil displays within the restaurant. For the adults, the rooms contain some amazing artwork which I can only describe as amazing because when it comes to art, apart from saying it looks nice I have no idea what I am talking about.

We drove back to the Prairie the next day because they have the only phone coverage in a few hundred kms, but while there I noticed there was so much more that I hadn’t noticed on my first visit. Located next to the railway line, the rail history was also on display for the train buffs (me) and just anyone who likes history (also me). The kids will just like the large sculptures because the are big and they look cool. It may also distract them from the fact they just ate camel. For what its worth, the goats cheese is to die for.

You’ll find the Prairie Hotel at
Corner of High Street and West Terrace, Parachilna
Phone: 1800 331 473


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