This really is the jewel in the Flinders crown. An incredible resort nestled amongst the trees in the heart of Wilpena Pound. The resort will absolutely live up to its name with all the creature comforts of home, combined with incredible cultural experiences and breathtaking scenery.


As part of this great offer, any children up to 12 years can eat free in our restaurant or bistro, when dining with their parents and choosing from the childrens’ menu.


  • Accommodation at either the Wilpena Pound Resort, Ikara Safari Camp or Wilpena Pound Campground
  • 1 free kids meal with any adult main meal ordered – breakfast, lunch or dinner

For me, I am probably slightly more on the ‘prefers creature comforts vs roughing it in a tent’ so this was right up my alley. However if you are more Bear Grylls than me, you are also well looked after with huge camp grounds located close to the other resort facilities if needed.

This place has it all. Its own IGA Supermarket, petrol station, free wifi (because you know, need to upload all the scenery pics to the gram), visitors centre, restaurant (helllloooo buffet breakfast), bar and a swimming pool fed from a natural spring. These words just don’t do it justice and the photos really tell the story. Our room was very modern and comfortable, but the views outside our window is really where it excels. One of our fave moments was at night, with the curtains open, just looking at the scenery outside. If it wasn’t for the kids fighting it actually would have been really relaxing.

You could really spend a week or two here and not see or experience it all. Make sure you don’t miss the Welcome to Country held each night by the Adnyamathanha people. It really enriches the experience to learn the history and meaning behind the awesome sights around you.

Then sign up for one of the many cultural experiences or tours on offer.

We took part in a 2hr cultural walk, from which I learnt not only about the history of the indigenous people who had lived in the area for thousands of years, but that I probably should have packed more water. Tip from me, take lots of water. It isn’t a long walk and there are heaps of breaks, so even the little kids won’t struggle too much.

And for something really special check out their Scenic Flights, available from 20 minutes flights over Wilpena Pound and the Flinders ranges, to 6 hour flights taking in Lake Eyre and stopping for lunch at William Creek Hotel.  

You’ll find Wilpena Pound Resort at
Wilpena Rd, Via Hawker
Reservations: 1800 805 802

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