Ever find your self juggling work, kids, sport, keeping fit…any of it? ALL of it? Yeah, we can relate, so when invited along to Adelaide Crows AFLW Training at West Lakes last week, Jacki, KiA FIFO Dad (BHP Employee Tony Gray) and their footy head girls made a B-Line direct to the teams newest super Mum to find out how she does it all! We had new recruit #5 Courtney Gum coined as a bit of a wonder woman, and boy, we were not wrong!

AFLW star Gum is Mum to 5 yo Buz and works as a respected Physio too, just to keep *really* busy. She has some serious drive and wears a few hats that’s for sure! Off the back of two very successful seasons with Greater Western Sydney and out of retirement, she is newly recruited by Adelaide Football Club for the 2020 season. Definitely an inspiring person and a player to watch this year.

A highlight of our visit was meeting Buz, who came along to say hi to us too and gave the kids a tour of ‘The Shed Floor’ where Adelaide Crows do some of their training, while I had a great chat with this amazing sportswoman, health professional and Mum.

Kids in Adelaide’s very own FIFO Dad (and BHP Supervisor) Tony Gray hanging out on ‘The Shed Floor’ with Courtney, Buz, Anne & his girls (who he fiercely believes are every bit as fast, strong and capable as boys)

Side note; Buz is COMPLETELY adorable and appears to be a much welcomed little team supporter at training and around the Adelaide Football Club. Actually, it felt like he was a bit of a star in his own right – he was pulling in a LOT of high fives and seemed loved and known to all of the AFC staff and players.

We love the AFLW and all that it stands for. Read on for our short interview with Courtney on all things footy, balance and Mum life. Then get your self down to Richmond Oval (now called Hisense Stadium they tell me….) for a home game this season! It’s a perfect FREE family outing and there are home games on Sunday 1st March, Sunday 15th March and Sunday 29th March 2020.

Interview with #5 Courtney Gum

What was your answer when you were told “only boys play football”?

As a girl (with brothers) growing up in regional SA, I just accepted it. I always liked kicking the footy, but never considered I could play. I’m grateful for other families in my life who didn’t simply accept that and encouraged me.

 You have several notable sporting achievements. What one are you most proud of?

Definitely the 2018 AFLW Players Most Valuable Player

You are a Mum! What parenting achievement are you most proud of?


Nothing beats a Mum/Buz tackle.

Do you have to have a job to support you footy career?

Yep, financially I have to have a job. (Courtney is a physiotherapist down South with Kinetic Balance Physio).

HOW do you pull ALL of this off? Best tip for work life balance?

Definitely an e-calendar. Yep just that, and take things as they come.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee. Definitely coffee.

Netflix of Stan?

Um, both. Currently Netflixing Wonderlust.

Favourite family activity or place with Buzz?

That would be Sunday mornings in bed, we battle and just get quality time.

Favourite playground?

Locally we have some great play spaces on the waterfront down south. One has some exercise equipment so we go for a run and have a muck around down there.

Junk food – yes or no?

Yes. Sometimes.

Go to kid snack?

Rice crackers.

Favourite place for a night out with friends?

Nope – staying in and entertaining at home is more my thing.

Can you tell us something funny about a team mate?

Oh, ummm too many things. There is always a lot of fun banter.

Is there one GIF that sums up your life right now?

Is there a juggler with a spinning head? Probably that.

Your tip for juggling a young child PLUS work and professional sport?

Accept help.

Any sporting role models?

When I was a kid, Steffi Graf for sure.

Favourite Coffee Place?

Hands down Maxwells at Aldinga.

Does Buzz have a favourite place to eat out?

Not really – he likes getting pizza some times.

How does being a professional athlete make you a better Mum?

Hmmm, I don’t know but I love that he is here with me (at training and games) and is exposed to these strong, capable, inspirational athletes. I also love that he will grow up knowing nothing different than men AND women’s AFL and respecting women as professional, valued sports people too.

What sports did you play as a kid?

Netty, Basketball and Tennis.

Do you have a favourite holiday with kids?

Yeah, back to Sydney to spend time with cousins.

When you were a kid, what career did you aspire to?

A physio! My Grandma told me to become a physio, and I thought that was a solid idea.

Why should our Kids in Adelaide audience get out to the Crows AFLW home games?

Because it’s a spectacle. It’s FREE family fun and you can get right in amongst it. It really is great for kids and there are some cool around the ground initiatives for kids to get hands on with footy and sport. Come and see us, we have four home games and it’s always a top family day out.

Question for Buz: Besides Mum, who is your favourite Crows AFLW player?

Annie (Hatchard) – she’s the most fun!

Buz confesses – his favourite player, other than Mum, is Anne (Hatchard)

Finally, will the AFC women take a third flag?

Yes. Absolutley.

What a privilege to have had time with the Crows today. It was especially a privilege to have had Courtney and Buz’s time.

Good luck for the 2020 season!

Another cup would sure look good in here!

Watch the girls play at home on:

1st March https://kidsinadelaide.com.au/event/afl-womens-crows-vs-carlton/

15th March https://kidsinadelaide.com.au/event/afl-womens-football-crows-vs-gws/

29th March https://kidsinadelaide.com.au/event/afl-womens-crows-vs-richmond/

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