Combine a fantastic playground with all the facilities you will need, with a bit of local history, and you have the Old Gum Tree historic site and playground at Glenelg. 

With 3 seperate undercover areas to cater for multiple groups at one time, scattered around a spacious area shaded by huge (probably gum) trees, this is the perfect spot for your family gathering or just an afternoon play. 

It is fully fenced, although the surrounding streets aren’t very busy anyway, plus it has toilets and 2 BBQs. 

More importantly though is the flying fox. We have tried a lot of flying foxes but not many have 2 cables, one with your usual rope but the other with a chair with harness! Such a great idea to include every kid who wants to have a go. Add in a couple of swings, a slide and a rope climb and kids of all ages will love the very modern and updated equipment. 

Don’t forgot to take a look at the Old Gum Tree site and learn why our basketball team is called the 36ers!


  • Large undercover area
  • Toilets
  • Large grassed area
  • Playground
  • Flying fox
  • Swings
  • Fully Fenced
  • Street parking
  • Tables and benches

Where? McFarlane Street, Glenelg North (just off Tapley’s Hill Road)

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  • *** November 2020 Update - COMPLETE! *** UPGRADE COMING IN 2020 The Holdfast Council have just announced that the super upgrade to Wigley Reserve will commence in April 2020 with a $1 million budget. We cant wait to see this new upgrade evolve and will certainly keep you updated. What we know so far is that the new play space will mostly be natural based materials including tree stumps, logs and ropes. The play area will see lots of adventure and sensory play along with fitness hub and will have opportunities for all ages and abilities. The play space will include inground trampolines, climbing tunnels ,slides , swings , log climbing structure, stepping boulders along with a sensory nature trail. In addition there will be bike racks ,custom built shade structures,new landscaping, a partial fence and water fountain. A fabulous upgrade for the Glenelg area catering for more ages,interests and abilities. Below is the existing playground info... Ahoy… Calling all want to be pirates or those who just love to be by the sea. This fabulous playground sits surrounded by grass next to the Glenelg Marina with a lovely view of the water and boats. A Pirate ship takes main…

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