Ever heard of ‘Glow Trees’? Ghost Mushroom Lane is a is a REAL place!

The Ghost Mushroom is native to Australia and it glows green in the night…..If you’re heading down around our states south east / Mount Gambier between May and the end of June, an evening visit here is worth braving the cold and dark. Rug up the kids, grab a torch and step out into the night to see these luminous green glowing fungi. Some can grow as large as a dinner plate and guaranteed to bring forth all sorts of questions from your kids as to how and what makes them glow.

Ghost Mushroom Lane is 2.3km long and located within working pine forest near Glencoe, just 16km North West of Mount Gambier. Mount Gambier is a 4.5 hour drive from Adelaide.

Ghost Mushroom Lane, is a magical mystery to some… It’s been described as ‘Kids Fairy Land’ ..and yes….we have been told it is a tad SPOOKY!

About 2 kms of trails along Ghost Mushroom Lane include names such as Ghostly Gully, Fungi Hunters Alley, Fairy Tail Hollows, and Neon Forrest. The trail is highlighted and easy to self follow. Should your little darlings start to act up – just remind them the place after all is called “Ghost” Mushroom Lane for a very good reason, and if that doesn’t tame them, threaten to take their torch, a sure way to quickly quieter them down!

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Guided tours are available Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Before any visit, it’s best to take a look at the Forestry SA website


The Lady Nelson Visitor Centre are also a fantastic first port of call when you are down in the area phone 1800 087 187
How fantastic if you are passing through our states South East! Definitely worth adding this little evening activity to the itinerary.

A forest permit is not required to visit the trail, but please observe the conditions of entry to the forest and take care while walking on uneven ground in the dark.