For families, the search for the right early learning centre can be overwhelming. Common factors being considered include location, general health and safety, and quality of care. Yet, there are other factors such as curriculum and learning programs that play an important part in providing a platform for your child to thrive.

Families at Green Leaves Early Learning enjoy the convenience and peace of mind of all-inclusive fees. This means nappies, linen, hats, nutritious meals and snacks, as well as additional activities such as yoga, chef-led culinary lessons, language lessons, bush kinder, music and movement classes are all part of the service. With nine centres across Adelaide, and more due to open in 2023, Green Leaves embraces the Early Years Learning Framework, fostering the concepts of belonging, being, and becoming. These are ingrained in its day-to-day activities through practices that develop a life-long love of learning.

The programs at Green Leaves are age-appropriate, flexible, and customised to suit each child’s knowledge, interests, culture, abilities, and strengths.

Fostering a sense of community

Recognising the importance of community connections, Green Leaves has partnered with Moana Surf Life Saving Club where Green Leaves Seaford House, Green Leaves Seaford Heights and Green Leaves Seaford Meadows form part of its coastal community. In the coming months, together with the Club, Green Leaves will be hosting water safety incursions helping children and their families prepare for a safe and fun summer by the beach.

Each centre’s curriculum is supported by activities giving children opportunities to extend their interests. Children across the centres have enjoyed visits from local paramedics, dentists, fire fighters, as well as excursions to the local community libraries and parks.  

A much-loved activity is celebrating and acknowledging milestones. This nurtures a sense of belonging and community among the children. Centres celebrate birthdays, cultural days and fun-themed days which provides opportunities for dress-up and dramatic play.

Supporting the world in which we live

While the centres offer varying activities, the natural environment is integral to the Green Leaves program. Children are encouraged to cherish and protect their natural world. Their regular nature walks allow them to explore the local flora and fauna, and experience seasonal changes first-hand. Additionally, exciting nature-themed incursions encourage the children to learn about wildlife and conservation.

A favourite feature across all centres is the edible gardens. These thrive through the children’s interest in planting seeds, observing them grow, composting and harvesting. With the help of the centre’s in-house chefs, children create delicious meals.

While high quality architectural features are standard across all Green Leaves centres, each centre has its own unique characteristics. Families can to pop in for a coffee and tour their local Green Leaves. All centres are currently taking enrolments.

Arrange a visit by contacting your local Green Leaves Early Learning

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