Looking for the hottest kids toy this Christmas? Wondering if a play couch is really worth the hype?

We’re going to let you in on a little secret… it is! Or more precisely, the Whatsie Play Couch is. Personally, we’ve owned once since they were first introduced to Australia following the success of the US model, the Nugget. These wildly popular modular sofas are part furniture, part open ended toy and part gateway to your child’s heart (not really, but wrap this up under the tree and you might get some brownie points).

You remember being a kid and ripping apart your living room furniture in order to build a pillow fort or an awesome cubby house with your friends. You loved it! But let’s be honest, your parents more than likely weren’t impressed with the mess. You’re probably thinking, ‘OK, and?’ but let me finish… Now that it’s your turn to be a parent, you want your kids to play freely, stay active, be creative and have fun without being glued to the iPad all day. The Whatsie Play Couch is designed for exactly this AND to spare your furniture (thank god!).

The foam couch comes in six pieces – two full-length half trapeziums, two armrests and two sturdy bases—that can be transformed into just about anything. Bend, fold and rearrange the pieces to create a rocket ship, a throne fit for a King, a tent, a slide, an obstacle course, and a pretty great ‘Floor is Lava’ set up. Honestly, the options are endless – hence the slogan; “Whatsie: it’s whatever you want it to be…”

To spark their imagination even further, Whatsie also offer a range of ‘Add On‘ pieces designed to enhance your child’s builds; including the popular Crash Mat (perfect for creating a soft landing). There’s additional covers available to purchase, allowing you to change the fabric. Choose from cotton or microsuede, both are super soft to touch and look great in the home. Besides saving my sanity, we LOVE how easy the Whatsie is to spot clean. A simple wipe generally does the trick but for those unruly marks, unzip the covers and chuck them in the washing machine. Easy-peasy! Made from CertiPUR-US® foam and free of formaldehyde, phthalates, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals you can rest assured knowing the Whatsie is safe for your family, built to last and ready to withstand the boundless energy little kids seem to have a never ending supply of.

So, this Christmas before you head to the department store to buy yet *another* Barbie or Hot Wheels Track, think about the play value a Whatsie offers. Sure, it’s an investment but like we said earlier, it’s also a thousand other things and that to me, is money well spent!

Buy one or buy three – there’s no doubt, you’ve just found the couch you never knew you needed! #sorrynotsorry!

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