Find it at: Humbug Scrub Road One Tree Hill

Humbug Scrub Sanctuary is located about 50km north-east of Adelaide and is a huge wildlife sanctuary full of animals and wildflowers for kids to explore. It was established in 1905 and is situated in a natural bush setting. The Sanctuary is committed to the preservation of our native flora and fauna and there’s plenty of native wildlife roaming freely in the park. You’ll have the chance to feed kangaroos and emus, while also watching peacocks, Cape Barren geese, black cockatoos, swans and lots more! There’s Tom’s Cottage, where you can learn more about the sanctuary, or just go for a stroll along the many walking paths that meander through the lakes and natural bushland.

Humbug Scrub Wildlife Sanctuary is a private sanctuary, staffed by volunteers and is the oldest private Sanctuary in South Australia.

Open Daily: 10am – 5 pm in Daylight Saving times
10am – 4 pm in winter
CLOSED if CFS forecast is for Catastrophic Fire danger. We recommend you do not visit on Extreme Fire danger days.


  • Adults: $4
  • Children: $2
  • Family: $10 (2 adults, 2 children between 5 and 17 years old)
  • Yearly Pass: $20

Where? The Sanctuary can be found approximately 3km’s past the entrance to the Para Wirra Recreational Park. The nearest town is One Tree Hill to the South West of the Sanctuary.

Things to know:

  • Hat and sunscreen recommended
  • Pack a picnic to enjoy the entire day!
  • Visit One Tree Hill for lunch

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