This walking trail will take you all the way from Marino Rocks through to Hallet Cove, a total of 7.2 kms. The views are incredible and you can stop and head down the stairs to the beach to explore the small sea creatures and ancient rock faces when you need a break.

The trail is open to the elements and there are beautiful, sweeping views so you will need to stop now and then to have a look around. This trail has many winding stairs and is more suitable to older kids, probably 8+, unless you have a small child you can take in a child carrier. It’s great exercise and we often go just half way for some peaceful exercise with great views.

Now, with our three little children aged 4, 2 and 4 months, we often park at the top of Dutchman Drive then walk down the easy path towards the slow flowing creek in Hallet Cove Conservation Park.

It’s an easy walk (downhill), but not really suitable for a pram so make sure you take the baby carrier. We then walk up some stairs and back around towards Hallet Cove, finishing off with a pizza to share at the Boatshed Cafe! This takes a leisurely 45-60 minutes. But it’s not strenuous and could probably take 20 minutes if you didn’t stop for snacks, stumbles, views, flowers, looking at flora etc etc etc! Once we’ve demolished our pizza, one of us (usually my husband!) then runs/walks up the shortcut (about 500m) back to the car and comes and picks us up from the foreshore or playground. It’s a really nice way to spend the morning!

Things to know:

Toilets are at the start and end of the trail only (at either end)

The stairs are quite steep, not suited to a pram AT ALL.

Take a hat, sunscreen and plenty of water as there’s limited shade or water taps along the trail.

Remember to stop before looking at the view to avoid falling!

There are lots of spots to sit, relax and also read about the geographical history of the coast.

Our faves:

Picking up a drink, icecream or THE BEST fish and chips from Marino Rocks Cafe/Restaurant. Delicious!

Stopping (or starting!) for delicious food, fish and chips or a coffee at the Boatshed cafe is also worth the walk!

There’s a new playground that has just been finished, which you can check out here.