This is a great new playground with amazing views over the ocean. The reserve includes a new 5-way swing, tunnel slide, water and sand play, nature play, fitness equipment, shade sales, toilet, seating, shelter and BBQ facilities. The playground is unfenced, and there is a drop down to the rocky beach that parents with fast moving smaller children will need to be mindful of. There is parking close to the playground, and plenty of other awesome features in this area. For example, the Marino-Hallet Cove Coastal Trail, which goes all the way to Marino, before joining the path to Kingston Park, Brighton and further along The Esplanade. There is also the Hallett Cove Conservation Park right next door to explore and enjoy.

Image Credit: City of Marion Facebook page

The tunnel slide that has a slight curve to it. My kids wanted to climb up it before attempting to go down as it’s a little steep. But once they went down the first time, they loved it! Be aware that if you are having a private conversation at the top of the tunnel slide then the people at the bottom will be able to hear it VERY clearly. My kids loved using the slide as a telephone. *shrugs*

The swings are really fun, with up to 5 people able to swing at the same time. There are no baby swings, but each swing has a chain across the front. There is also no shade across the swings. The best part of these swings is the kids trying to touch feet. It’s really cute.

Two water pumps service a nice water play and sand pit area (do I sound like a real estate agent?). This area is shaded and has loads of seating around it in the form or rocks and logs, as well as regular benches a little further back. The only downside to this space is that one of the taps faces west and, with the afternoons being a bit windy at Hallett Cove, we noticed the water blew straight from the pump onto the pavement with only a small amount making it into the water play area. But this is only a problem when it’s windy I guess!

There are so many new plants growing in this space. It’s going to be amazing when they are established! The nature play area is full of balancing logs and high climbing steps.

There are a couple of cool public art features too, which add a bit of creativity to the playground. My children enjoyed investigating these spaces.
There is fitness equipment for those crazy people who like to work out while their kids are eating sand. I did notice that the fitness equipment was also a huge attraction to the kids too, so that’s good I think! One particular fitness bench may be meant for doing sit-ups but also looked PERFECT for reading a book in the sun while the kids enjoy the playground (please someone tell me I’ll be able to do this one day?!).

There is a single toilet located close to the playground and a couple of shaded BBQ/picnic spaces to enjoy too. The playground is surrounded by green space (some is fenced off currently to help the grass become established).

The location of this playground is AMAZING! A great space for a birthday party or a long play followed by exploring on the beach, or icecream and pizza at The Boatshed.

Heron Way, Hallett Cove