Where is Hallet Cove Conservation Park?

Hallet Cove Conservation Park is located 22 km south of Adelaide and there is public transport from the city to this park!

When is the best time to visit?

Hallet Cove Conservation Park is stunning all year round. In Summer the coastline nature goes into “survival mode” with many plants exposed to a hot summer. Autumn will see the plants regaining their vigour with many bird species on show. Winter will showcase the storms and the changing the scenery from pure pebbles to sand almost overnight and followed by Spring with the wildflowers in full bloom.

What can I do at Hallet Cove Conservation Park?

Bushwalking – The Coast Park Path boardwalk is the main trail which follows the coastal cliffs through the park. The Glacial Hike takes visitors inland to the geological points of interest, such as the Sugarloaf and Amphitheatre, and offers some beautiful photo opportunities within the park. Interpretive signs along the Glacial Hike tell the Geological, Aboriginal  and European story of the area.

Spot Marine Creatures –   Dont forget your snorkle or googles to spot some marine life like biscuit stars at the base of black cliff.

Discover – Walk up to the first lookout along Glacier Hike, and observe the big scratches on the rocks known as ‘glacial pavement’. The scratches are from the glacier that covered the Park 280 million years ago

Take some photos – Discover the beach or stroll along the boardwalk at sunset and take some photos of the cliffs and ocean as they begin to change colour

Beach Time – Set up for a beach day on Heron Way Reserve and wander along the beach path and read the interpretive signs about Kaurna culture

Sunrise – Rise and Shine in the early morning and choose a short hike and listen out for honeyeaters and wrens and see if you can spot some dolphins or sea lions who occasionally visit the nearby sea.

Things to leave at home ….

Furry Friends, bikes and camping tents are not permitted.

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