Situated on Linear Park amongst the walking track this playground has a lovely local vibe and is an awesome spot for the kids to explore and play. The play area includes equipment and nature play and has a nice balance of the two blended together. It includes water and sand play along with a small flowing creek with rocks and logs which allows the kids to get in to nature play.

The playground also includes swings ( which includes a baby swing ) a mound slippery dip with 2 slides, a climbing frame with ropes and ladders, a rope swing bridge and a bouncy fish shape animal piece for the little ones.

Along side of the play area you will also find a half basketball court for the older kids to shoot some hoops and a nice walking or bike track for the family. This playground features a sheltered picnic table but has NO Toilets , NO fence and NO Shade over the equipment (but lots of trees around)

Whilst this is a local play area I would recommend this spot for a Sunday family drive and play and suggest packing the scooters, skateboards or bikes so you can enjoy the linear path as well.

Slade Crescent Hallett Cove