In case you missed the memo, it’s going to be a HOT weekend so we thought we’d give you a few ideas where and how to stay out of the heat and cool those kids down.

Go See a Movie

There are a few kids movies to choose from showing at Event Marion this weekend. Click here to see what’s on
A Dog’s Way Home (PG)
Flying the Nest (G)
How To Train Your Dragon (PG)
Spiderman (PG)
Storm Boy (PG)
Ralph Breaks the Internet (PG)
Check out the Saver and Family Saver sessions where you can catch a movie for as little as SIX BUCKS!

Visit a Museum

We have so many great museums here in Adelaide and whether your kids are into planes, train, cars, boats, history, animals there’s something for everyone.
Click here to read more about our many museum

Wild Rumpus is on Saturday and Sunday at the National Wine Centre

Find a Fringe Show in an Air Conditioned Venue

Don’t forget the Adelaide Fringe is happening all over Adelaide, not just in the city and there are quite a few venues that are air conditioned.
The Best Worst Kids Birthday Party is at The Griffins Hotel
Jelly or Jam – Little Theatre at RCC
Wild Rumpus – National Wine Centre
A Day at the Zoo – Burnside Community Centre
Let’s Get Wild – National Wine Centre
Silly Galahs – Mitcham Cultural Village Community Centre

Water Play at Marshmallow Park Playground

Take a morning splash at one of Adelaide’s Free Water Play Areas

Water play areas are a common addition to new playgrounds that have been built recently. We love Tusmore Park Pool, Glenelg Foreshore, Marshmallow Park, Hendrie St Reserve and Playford Alive Town Park for a quick splash before the sun really heats up in the afternoon.
Click here to find a water play area near you

Stay at home and try some icey fun craft

Make one of these fun ice activities for kids – my favourite is hiding the kids’ matchbox cars and dinosaurs in a icecream container of water. Freeze it and give the kids some salt water or safe kitchen tools and watch them spend hours trying to get their precious toys out!