Situated behind the Broadway hotel in Baker St Glenelg South we love this as a local community playground. Surrounded by some lovely old gum trees, Baddams Green playground has a lovely feel. Each time we rock up to this playground the community have left new toys for the kids to share and play with. Whilst it doesn’t offer a huge amount of play equipment it is enough to keep the kids entertained for awhile.

The Baddams Green playground features 2 slides, including a curvy for the slightly older kids and a straight one for the littlies, and also has lots of climbing , sliding and balancing pieces to keep the kids busy. There is also a swing set situated near the garden. The garden is a lovely spot for the kids to play in and around featuring some wooden logs and stumps to climb over and on.

The playground is FULLY fenced , unfortunately has NO shade or NO toilets. There are a couple of park benches to sit on along with one picnic table. The playground is located one street back from The Broadway so has lots of options for coffee and food. Organik Café, Seafarring Fools and Mediterranean Café a few of our favourites.

For other nearby playground options check out Partridge House with toilets, shade and fencing.
Or Sutherland Park with toilets, fencing and tennis courts.