BOUNCE now has two venues in Adelaide. Yep, you can BOUNCE the day away at Marleston and Greenacres!

It’s a massive indoor adventure park that provides an adrenaline rush for all ages. Imagine more than 50 interconnected trampolines with the Big Bag, Slam Dunk and Dodgeball courts rolled in. It’s also home to the famous BOUNCE X-Park obstacle course so you can get your ninja on! Taste the rush of extreme sports and freestyle gymnastics without the hard landing. Whether you’re practising your aerial tricks or just getting a killer workout while you warp the laws of gravity, it’ll be pure awesomeness every time. Unleash your free spirit!

Sometime the weather calls for indoor adventures and kids (both the big and little variety), needing to climb some walls other than your own four at home!

Note that there are some sections and features that are only at either Marleston OR Greenacres – read on to find out which venue is best for you!

We highly recommend booking online prior to your visit to avoid disappointment. 

The Free Jump Arena – Marleston & Greenacres

Over 50 interconnected trampolines incorporating a series of longer tumble tracks and angled banked walls, where you can work on your own routine or just jump around the oversized playground.

The Wall – Marleston & Greenacres

Pioneered in the Cirque du Soleil, use the high-rebound capabilities of Performance Trampolines to run up the wall.

Dodge Ball – Marleston & Greenacres

The ultimate trampoline Colosseum where primal battle instincts rise to the fore in seriously fun and often seriously funny ways. Two teams throw soft dodge balls at each other as they jump around the court.

Slam Dunk – Marleston & Greenacres

Features full-height rings sitting above runway trampolines, surrounded by padded walls and floor mats.

The Big Bag – Marleston & Greenacres

The Big Bag provides a massive soft landing for your aerial endeavours – it’s also a great place to work on moves.

X-Park – Marleston & Greenacres

The X-Park is an ultimate trampoline workout! It’s an Adventure Challenge Course for adrenaline hunters. It combines obstacles & features that can be explored as stand-alone challenges or navigated as one circuit with different levels of difficulty to allow for personal progression and creative expression. You’ll need to be 125cm tall and wear lace up sport shoes. 

High Performance Tramp – Marleston & Greenacres

High performance trampolines enable greater bounce and height plus an ultimate trampoline workout! The area is perfect for skills development and more advanced maneuvers

Super Tramp – Marleston & Greenacres

Super Tramp is the ultimate place to learn new skills and progress your Freestyle moves! This 5×5 metre monster is the extreme aerials platform offering extra height and is perfect for off-axis tricks.

Bounce Freestyle Academy – Marleston & Greenacres

A trampoline coaching program designed for all skill levels. Click here for info.

miniBounce Zone – Marleston & Greenacres

Designed for the under 5s, this multi level play equipment is ideal to let the little ones explore in the safety of an enclosed play area. Care givers are welcome to explore with the kids, which we must admit is terrific fun!

Climbing Walls – Greenacres

Challenge yourself or your kids to make it to the top! There are walls of varying difficulty with fun challenges. Don’t worry, the fantastic BOUNCE staff are there the whole time to get the harnesses on properly, plus assist and encourage!

Sky Walk – Greenacres

Take it to the next level – literally! Go for a walk along the Sky Walk – you’ll be harnessed on but you’ll still need to use your balance and muscles to make it around the course. It’s super fun with a few different challenges along the way. The staff are always on hand to help out and give some tips.

Birthday Parties at Bounce.

BOUNCE is the ultimate action-packed kids party venue! Every BOUNCE party is uniquely different and totally awesome!
Classic BOUNCE Parties are 2 hours of fun games where everyone can get involved. Freestyle BOUNCE Parties take it next level with adventure challenge games and team activities.

CLICK HERE to have your next BIRTHDAY PARTY at Bounce Inc.

Cafe – Marleston & Greenacres

If you aren’t in the mood for bouncing with the kids, then you can grab a coffee and sit up at the cafe. The cafe overlooks the centre so you can still keep an eye on what the kids are doing. Plus they have some great meal & snack options for when the hungry kids finish their session.


  • Booking online in advance is recommended as sessions sell out
  • BOUNCE grip socks are required at all times while on the trampolines
  • If you can walk you can BOUNCE!
  • Minimum 125cm height required for all X-Park participants. Lace-up, flat-soled and closed toe sports/skate shoes must be worn.

Phone: (08) 6183 7645

Location: 164-168 Richmond Road Marleston & 13-15 Fosterd Rd, Greenacres

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