For a lot of us, a visit to an RSL is an annual event on Anzac Day, but we found out that they are in fact year round fantastic venues where families are not just welcomed as guests, but are actively encouraged to come visit! We have been fans of the Port Noarlunga-Christies Beach RSL (Returned Services League) forever. A South Australian icon which works tirelessly to provide a great place for the community to catch up and have a drink and a meal in a friendly environment (at really cheap prices too by they way….like really cheap!)

We loved the Porties RSL for so many reasons. The location is absolutely magnificent. For the northerners who may not be as familiar with the south, the RSL sits at the very top of the mountain with incredible sea views to the north and south. Port Noarlunga beach (surely in the top 5 beaches in our state) is a few hundred meters to the south and Christies Beach a short walk to the north. With a brand new huge deck out the front of the RSL, there is no better way to wind down after a busy day than to kick back with the fam and watch the sunset.

Food wise, their amazing chef Matt has pivoted brilliantly due to Covid-19 and has fired up one of the best food trucks (Smokin It Up) in the area, serving American BBQ style food (which is open every Friday from 5pm til late , and 12pm on Sundays). I legitimately had the best sausage I have ever eaten in my life, but we settled on the loaded fries and a pulled pork pie which was an absolute delight. If your kids like more simple food like mine, the standard burger and chips was sensational. It is actually quite incredible the quality of food Matt served up from a food truck. Once Covid settles down and things return back to normal, Matt will be moving back into the kitchen to continue to serve amazing food to the RSL’s guests. Watch this space for updates!

The location sells itself, but for the families an awesome feature is the massive playground right next door to the RSL. With equipment suitable for all ages and with enough space to fly a kite or kick a footy, it makes for a fantastic family complex. Read more about our playground visit here!

As a big believer in teaching our kids about the incredible history of our country and what people sacrificed to help get us to where we are today, a big plus of visiting and supporting the RSL is being able to show the kids the memorabilia and explain what it all means. With a huge beer garden, massive deck and outdoor dining area, FREE 8-ball (snooker for the traditionalists) and video games, you just won’t get this sort of environment or atmosphere at a pub of restaurant.

Port Noarlunga RSL Opening Hours

  • Wednesday – 3pm til 8pm
  • Friday – 3pm til 11pm (Meals from 5pm currently due to Covid)
  • Saturday – 3pm til 9pm
  • Sunday – 3pm til 8pm (Meals from 12pm currently due to Covid)