Kindergym at Tea Tree Gully Gymsports operates through the school term which is perfect for keeping the littles busy during the week. They run hourly sessions all through the morning and a couple in the afternoon, giving you plenty of choice for times that suit you on any given weekday. We gave Tea Tree Gully Kindergym a try during Term 1, 2024 and found it was a great way to keep our kids engaged and active. Read on for our full review!

On arrival, there’s a huge car park so parking is no bother. Once you’re in there is a speedy check in process on one of their sign in tablets to ensure everyone’s accounted for nice and quickly. At the start of the term each child is given their own special Kindergym t-shirt that they can wear to their sessions. They also get given their own ‘passport book’ which they drop off when they arrive and is then filled in with stamps and stickers by the team, ticking off new skill sets you’ve learnt that week. The kids love seeing what sticker or stamp they got each week!

Once the class starts, a super friendly team member who oversees the class (usually Andy or Andrea) then ushers you and about 20 other kids into one of their huge activity rooms to start the session off with a big hello and welcome and some parachute fun. Quickly after, the chaos starts! We say “chaos” however, it is actually just all the kids have the best time ever! They are allowed to roam free and it’s nothing short of a kids paradise. Everywhere you look, a different activity is set up. There are giant trampolines, trapeze bars, a giant foam pit, balance beams, slides and obstacle courses. Every nook is filled with fun.

Kindergym has it covered for an array of ages, giving plenty of options to keep both our 1 and 4 year old challenged, excited and and stimulated. Whilst the 1 year old loved the slides, tunnels and building areas, our 4 year old thrived on the adrenaline pumping activities, such as the big trampolines, jumping off towers into the foam pits and swinging on the trapeze ropes.

We’d honestly recommend Kindergym for any pre school kids age! We would probably wait until your child is able to walk so that they can get the most out of their session, but can safely say that our 1 year old loves it just as much as the 4.5 year olds. Or you could look into one of their Baby Kindergym sessions for littlies! There’s plenty for any younger children to do that helps develop their movement and coordination, whilst it has hugely benefitted our 4 year old with her confidence, concentration and ability to set herself challenges.

In the last 10 minutes of the session, a bell is rung to signal to everyone that time is up and to finish your last activity. Everyone re groups and finishes the session by singing a few songs together. Then it’s time to pop shoes back on and leave together, picking up their passport book on the way out!

Our kids have the best time and look forward to going every week! The staff are great and always around to give the kids some encouragement and a helping hand. The set up is changed every fortnight to ensure that they are keeping it fresh and enticing for the kids. Once they are too old for Kindergym, they are able to move into the Pre-Gym program to ensure they stay challenged and stimulated.

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