If your kids are anything like ours, one of their favourite things to do is slip, slop, slap and wrap and head down to the beach for the day. It’s even better when you find a beach that has some awesome rock pools to explore. The team at Kids in Adelaide have searched high and low (and under a few rocks) to find some of the best rock pools in South Austraila for you to explore this summer.

Of course it goes without saying, always make sure your kids are super careful around rockpools (the best way to do this is carefully walking around the rockpools rather than running or jumping) as the rocks can be slippery and sharp. A pair of old sneakers or water shoes come in handy!

Also remember rockpools are home to a bunch of different critters so let’s keep their homes safe by making sure all rocks that are turned over are put back, leave all rocks and shells where you found them. Take only your rubbish and a whole bunch of photos home with you.

Here’s some of our favourites…. happy exploring!

Innes National Park

There are quite a few spots to explore in Innes National Park. Shell Beach is a bit of a walk from the carpark and better for older kids who are confident climbing on rocks. Or with little ones try walking north along the beach at Chinamans to find the ones in this photo.

Hillock Drive, Yorke Peninsula

Next time you’re on the Yorke Peninsula take a drive to Hillocks Drive (Butlers Beach) and on a good day, prepare to spend a whole day exploring the beaches and rock pools. Annie’s Nursery has the Insta fame but walk the other way to Hillocks Point for something a bit more adventurous. It’s a bit of a hike to get to, making it better for older kids but it also means that it’s very possible to get this little slice of heaven all to your self. Note: Hillocks Drive is private property and you’ll need to buy a day pass to use the road access to the beach (as of Dec ’23 the price was $18 per car)

Greenly Beach, Eyre Peninsula

Greenly Beach is located an hour from Port Lincoln and just half an hour from the famous oyster town of Coffin Bay. The rockpools are located just to the left of the stunning main beach. These rockpools are dependent on the tide, so try visit them in then the tide is low.

Corny Point, Yorke Peninsula

Sitting on the north west tip of Yorke Peninsula about 3 hours drive from Adelaide.

Olivers Reef, Victor Harbor

Olivers Reef is located in the Encounter Marine Park at Victor Harbor which is about an hour from Adelaide. It’s fantastic place for little explorers as there are tons of little rock pools to explore with a whole heaps of marine life especially sea stars and crabs.

Photo: @nik.rebbeck

Moana Beach

Moana beach really does have everything you need for an awesome day out with the the family. The rockpools here are located at the northern end of the beach and as a bonus you can drive on the beach which makes it super easy to set  up for a family day at the beach!

Photo: @brizzlekicks___

Victor Harbor

Encounter Bay near the Yilki Cafe is a great spot for shallow water rockpooling.

Photo: Matty Kent

Louth Bay, Eyre Peninsula

Louth Bay is located just 20 minutes North of Port Lincoln. These awesome rockpools are located in the stunning main beach at Louth Bay. We think it’s definitely worth adding these onto your next Eyre family holiday. 

Second Valley, Fleurieu Peninsula

Second Valley is a firm KiA favourite as it’s only just over an hour from Adelaide making it a perfect day trip option. When you arrive at the Second Valley jetty, to the left is where you will find these awesome rockpools, and if you head to the right of the beach it’s perfect for a picnic and a swim.

Photo: @seven_on_scenic

Stokes Bay, Kangaroo Island

The awesome rock pools at Stokes Bay are located on the North Coast of Kangaroo Island. There’s tons of rock pools to explore with a whole heap of marine life and also a really cool larger rock pool cave that you can swim in.

Kingston Park

Kingston Park is just half an hour from Adelaide, just a little further South than Brighton. On the Southern side of the beach there is some larger rock formations and inbetween them is where you will find the rockpools. As an added bonus there is a beachfront playground just behind the beach which is perfect if the kids have any energy left after exploring the awesome rock pools!

Photo: @roo_and_crew_

Point Lowly, Eyre Peninsula

Located on a tiny peninsula in the Upper Spencer Gulf region you never know what you might find exploring these rockpools. Seastars, fish, octopus maybe even a cuttlefish!

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