Nestled away in the beautiful Adelaide Hills suburb of Stirling, one of the first things you see upon exiting the freeway is the Stirling Steamroller Park.

The park is fully fenced and is split into two areas, one for smaller children with baby swings, a mini slide, cubby house, balancing beams and rockers. There is also a great big tree perfect for climbing in, and exploring

The other more suited to the bigger kids with an elevated boardwalk connecting 2 cubbies with a slide at one end. There are also swings, slides, a climbing wall and of course the feature of the park, the Steam Roller.

Outside of the playground area is a larger grassy area where you will find a free bbq and beautiful rotunda to sit under.

Stirling is a gorgeous little town (yes ok, we all went to school here so we MAY be slightly biased), only 20 or so minutes from the city, and the main street has some fantastic boutique shopping and coffee shops.

Coffee tip. Take a drive just up the main road from the playground and drop into Stirling Cellars & Patisserie for a great coffee and reaallllyyy yummy treats to take away

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