We saw some photos of Tempest before we arrived so expectations were high. What we didn’t expect was to be absolutely blown away by this brilliant place. It was so good, that one of my kids refused to leave. She will now greet future guests on their arrival.

Located in prime position overlooking the harbour at Robe, a mere 2 min drive from main street (or a 10 minute walk…but you know how hard it is to walk home after pizza right?), it is really hard for my basic grasp of the English language to do it justice.

It boasts 3 huge bedrooms, 2 with king sized beds (have you ever tried to tell a 14yo girl who had a king sized bed that she had to leave? It is easier to get a toddler to eat vegetables or me to do ironing) and an open plan living room/kitchen with wide ranging views onto the harbour. That sounds all well and good, but without sounding like a real estate agent on The Block, this place is just the bees knees (Probably not a legit real estate agent phrase)

My kids just loved this place. It has all the comforts of home (and to be honest a lot more because this is waaaaay better than my house) like wifi, big screen TV’s (with Netflix on each I might add!) and all that jazz. But for me, my favourite memory of my stay at Tempest was waking (involuntarily…thanks Mr 5) at about 6am and sitting in the lounge room watching the sun rise over the harbour while drinking a coffee.

We didn’t want to leave. If that isn’t a ringing endorsement for a holiday home then I don’t know what is.

You’ll find Tempest Robe at
15 Lake Road, Robe
For more info and to book visit

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