Balnaves Winery at Coonawarra

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We are fairly spoilt here in SA when it comes to our world famous wine regions. From McLaren Vale to the Barossa, we don’t have to venture too far from home to visit some great places. But any conversation about great wine regions in SA has to include Coonawarra. As you head down the Riddoch Highway towards Penola, you will see beautiful vineyards for miles on either side. You can bounce from cellar door to cellar door or as we did, found the best place for families and spent the afternoon at Balnaves of Coonawarra.

I am not the most knowledgeable of wine buffs, but I can appreciate a great setting and cheese. Massive fan of cheese right here. With a huge grassed area next to a gorgeous lake and decked area, comfy lawn lounges and heaps of sports and games equipment, this was great fun for all ages. The kids can play while the parents hit the cellar door a few metres away. Bliss!

We took advantage of the picnic box for the parents and a kids snack box each for my 3. There was a little pep talk before fussy Miss 11 took the plunge to eat a dried pear, but apart from that we couldn’t recommend the boxes enough and very good value to boot. The cheese and dried fruit in the large picnic box was to die for and you get so much food!

So come on, your Limestone trip can’t all be about the kids right? But when you find a place that the kids can enjoy while also being geared towards the parents, how could you say no!

You’ll find Balnaves at
15517 Riddoch Highway, Coonawarra
Visit their website for opening times and more info

Balnaves Winery is great if you’re considering a trip to the area. For more great tips in the Limestone Coast, be sure to check out our Limestone Coast for Kids post for heaps of other cool tips:

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