The creators behind The Pass It On Series, Daniella & Vince aim to spread kindness, happiness, love and hope in the world and their books certainly do that! Since receiving copies of their first two books “A Piece Of Happy” and “Nonna Lives Here” they have become firm favourites in our house. Their third book “A Sprinkle Of Kindness” has just been released and is already on high rotation too!

These are must haves in any home library. “A Piece of Happy” explores the little things you can do to help spread kindness to others, about how you can remember the nice things that others have done for you and pass them on. A wonderful resource for kids, “A Piece of Happy” is also a lovely reminder to parents to slow down and enjoy the little things that make childhood and parenthood special, such a homemade cards and squeezy hugs.

Nonna Lives Here” is a story about boy and his Nonna – and how to remember her when she has passed away. If you have been looking for a gentle way to discuss death with your kids, this book is it! Throughout the book, you can replace “Nonna” with the name of any special person you like such as YiaYia, Grandma, Nanny or Oma. “Nonna Lives Here” teaches children that anyone who dies will still always have a special place in our heart and in our memories. Have the tissues nearby!

The Pass It On Series third book “A Sprinkle Of Kindness” acts as a sister book to “A Piece Of Happy” – it encourages children to notice when someone is upset, hurt or needs help and reach out to them to show that you care. Such a simple, but important message! The illustrations in all three books are lovely and evoke just the right emotion.

All the books in The Pass It On Series are written, self published and printed right here in South Australia. When you buy them not only are you helping teach your kids how to spread kindness, you will be spreading kindness yourself by supporting local South Australians!

Grab the books via The Pass It On Series website or follow them on Instagram for updates of their stockists. While you are there, make sure you also check out their range of inspirational cards, poems and gifts.

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